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  1. I'd go with Hilton, although both will be pretty similar when it is all said and done
  2. I'd stick with Carson over both those guys honestly right now until Conner or Johnson is back healthy. Even if healthy I'd prefer Carson over Johnson. Conner and Carson is an interesting trade once Conner is back.
  3. I'd go with Hock and pray for a ressurgence!
  4. I would go with Kamara over Carson due to the schedule issues facing Carson the ROS, although Murray could eat into Kamara's workload a little ROS
  5. I'd do that for sure, you're getting the best player in the deal and then pray that Coleman goes down again so Breida will equal or best what Ingram will do ROS.
  6. I'd go with Metcalf, the Tampa/Seattle game could be a shootout please help
  7. Breida is going into the game questionable and Drake is going against the elite Niners defense, who would you gamble on? WHIR leave your links
  8. I'd drop either Mostert or Deebo Samuel. The waiver TE are guys like Reed, Witten, Burton, Fant, etc...
  9. His other RB in that range is Mccoy, I'd rather have Breida?
  10. 14 team league. Many teams holding 2 TE. Waiver is UGLY for TE...
  11. Thats the main thing, his usage last year kept value down and in the OT game still had a below average game. Waiting for Kerryon to blow up may not matter depending what he does between then and now. Looking like he is at best a RB2.
  12. Nah, I wouldn't do that honestly. Who would you be dropping as well? Also, John Brown is going to be consistently racking up targets. Pettis is a complete crapshoot at this point.
  13. Definitely go with Engram, although having the choice between the two is pretty awesome.