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  1. Who is ‘we’? Recency bias. Especially if someone is considering Lynn over Kluber...
  2. Think they switched his catcher last year and they increased his pacing for sure. Was an ace after. There a couple fangraphs articles detailing it I believe.
  3. Steamer has Stanton projected for 50 bombs. Seems like if he stays relatively healthy (big if these days) and within the mean of his batting profile then it’s reasonable to set the o/u there. Certainly 60 is within reach and wouldn’t be a surprise. Or he could slip on banana peel and miss half the season and start making videos with female singers or slow motion Gallagher gifs. Think risk is built into the price and at 61 it’s not a bad floor currently. If he shows up in ST and does good his adp will get more expensive.
  4. Just give the P/C and manager ear pieces (just not air pods cause they look idiotic). Think the “it ruins the integrity of the game” argument flew out the window maybe a decade or two ago lol
  5. This Kluber hate hopefully drives down his adp. The injuries were not of the long term sort and even with some age regression built in, dude is only missed 2019 and prior to that he was a legit Cy Young candidate
  6. The collective Angel fan base disagrees and looks forward to these things almost yearly. 2021 Pujols comes off the books and the champagne is already on ice...
  7. Is this public to watch? Otherwise what’s the point of posting updates here when it’s just a private league either way, don’t care but it’s been enjoyable to be able to follow in the past...
  8. Minor league babip is pretty much a useless stat. Especially at that number.
  9. I just liked his mustache so I grabbed him. Let see where this mustache ride goes...
  10. Sir, our math shows that the bird is equal to, or greater than the word. The Word: The Bird: Word < Bird.
  11. Kinda old news now but Yu is 4th in bb% in the MLB since June 10th, just killing it. https://fantasy.fangraphs.com/yips-darvish-is-no-longer/ - Fangraphs was on his changes and along with the Pitcherlist article above it's clear Yu is back (duh) and should be good to go. Pretty happy owner here after a nightmare start.
  12. To say going from Marlins to AZ isn't at least a slight downgrade, yet alone a upgrade seems hopefully and optimistic. I can see how the defensive argument makes sense so it may not be a dramatic difference. However hoping and hanging on the the argument that he might go deeper into games cause they are winning is a bit off though. In 6/7 games (1 game was relief, prior to asb) pitch counts have been all in the 90's and 1 at 105. If he stops walking so many people he will go later into games but not because his team is winning or losing. He was more of a 1 bb per game in the milb so hopefully he can get back to that. A debut 7 game MLB sample seems very small to me, so that's where my hope lies. Any type of innings limit/cap for this season?
  13. Totally get it, not holding my breath but Malcom Nunez had trade value last off-season is all I am saying. With the popularity of those superstars I mentioned, it’s not hard to imagine more people reaching and crossing their fingers more frequently than in the past.
  14. Well if you grab now, it's possible the hype will create some trade value over the offseason. Like with Malcom Nunez. Not a bad approach with the these super young kids getting more popular after the returns seen on Soto, Acuna, Franco, Vlad, Devers, etc...