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  1. 0.5 PPR: Lockett @ LAR Powell vs. MIA Hooper vs. CAR
  2. It just has to be asked though - if Bell can't perform well in this offense and behind this line, what makes everyone think Powell can?
  3. I need to win. But my other options like Crowder/Pascal aren't as viable. If I had someone like Parker, sure, I'd be fine...
  4. I don't know, I think this is way too risky to go with him. My RBs are a dumpster fire, but I can't bring myself to start Powell over someone like Drake or Penny...
  5. I have him in my lineup but I may sit him. You look at his last 3 games and you see 2, 3 and 4 targets. He's just too much of a risk to roll out there, especially if Ramsey is covering him.
  6. Volume is obviously a concern with him and has been since Stafford got hurt, but yes, I sat him last week and I lost because of it. Not doing it again.
  7. The garbage time saved him, but it's amazing that for almost 3 quarters, he was not looked at at all. Why is Dallas content with force feeding Gallop and Randall Cobb and ignoring Amari? It makes no sense
  8. [...] I am rolling with Kenny from here on out. I'm not fooling around with Jets players again.
  9. I just may roll him out there this week as my RB2.... things are bad, real bad
  10. Oh definitely. If he has another dud this week, he's never sniffing my lineup again. I don't care what he does.
  11. I am not sure Ramsey will shadow him. Lockett plays out of the slot. Does Ramsey cover that position? I assumed he'd play someone like Metcalf.
  12. I am considering Anderson, Pascal or even Doyle over Lockett. For all we know he could go catchless or 1 catch again this week.I'm just too skidish right now
  13. Choices are my old standby Hooper vs. CAR or Doyle @ TB... Are we confident in trusting Hooper returning from injury? Just ignore the noise and start your studs? He was the #1 TE before he got hurt.
  14. I worry about him playing on the road given he has put up several duds when playing away from the dome, but you can't sit him unless you have another top 10 option.