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  1. Lead the team in yards vs Bills. A flex with Watkins out?
  2. Lost by 0.02. Every year I lose a match by 0.02.
  3. In my main leagues if 6 teams go to playoffs, at the end of the regular season we respect the standings for teams 1-5 and the sixth spot in the final standings is for the higher scoring team not between those first 5. It helps keep everyone involved until the end and removes some randomness from H2H system. I recommend you try to include this in every league.
  4. Anything to see here with Watkins out?
  5. Do you remember The Shawshank Redemption, everyone on here is innocent? Everyone on here works at NFL.com building
  6. I'm eager to get this fella in my lineup again. Am I the only one who expects a perfect storm from Stafford and him?
  7. This guy doesn't even celebrate TDs. Dear doubters, are you not entertained?
  8. Hello! I suppose my main league is not the only one that in prevention and due to covid has increased the bench and IR spots. The result in a 12 teams league is the thinner waiver wire I've ever seen. Almost every player with a small chance of playing time, every handcuff / 3rd stringer, everyone is rostered. In this situation, how would you approach waiver wire? Do you try to get any player that will get some playing time due to injuries, to avoid other teams getting them? Do you keep a high priority waiting for a better opportunity that probably will not come?
  9. With the targets he is getting, the role he has in Big Ben's offense and injuries to many players I don't see how Diontae can be in any bench.
  10. This is the kind of player that you love when you see him play and you don't move from your roster unless someone clearly overpays for him.
  11. The man is healthy, that's enough for now if we check the status of many other 1st and 2nd round picks.
  12. I would try to sell high Chris Carson. He's in a full timeshare and it's a matter of when, not if, he will get hurt again.
  13. It's me blowing Everest's air into the air quality meter machine. I'm toast if this game is not played.
  14. My bold prediction is that I'll be able to accomplish with this one more year not getting divorced before playoffs.
  15. The Athletic's Jeff Howe said Patriots coaches believe QB Cam Newton can still be the kind of rusher he was in 2017, when he ran 139 times. Starting with confidence against Miami.