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  1. Zeke, Carson, Russ Wilson, Hopkins... What a championship disaster.
  2. I don't know if it's a down year or his new role. He has looked many games as a posesion receiver not worth the price we paid. This game they had a pair of 3rd and long situations in which Nuk ran 2-3 yards routes. I just don't understand. His name will probably put him again in the first round, where I'll not be touching him next year.
  3. Is he practicing in full this week? I know he's not a great play in any order but I think he could have some upside compared to other options.
  4. Reports of Cook not playing. Where do we rank this fella if both Cook and Mattison are out?
  5. Penny back is what makes him a second rounder. He would go first round next year if Penny is out of the picture for any reason.
  6. Imagine he puts a pair of limited practices and he is active for the game. Are you playing him at a really high risk? Just drop him.
  7. How did he look in the game? Can he contribute this week? [...]
  8. I've played Lamar Jackson owner three times - and three times Lamar has gone bananas all over me, including the semis this week.
  9. And I felt bad when I lost Evans, Ridley and Marvin... Funny week.
  10. Spent one hour trying to decide who to pick between Perriman and this guy after losing Evans. Let's see if I got the correct call.
  11. Am I the only one to have lost Mike Evans, Calvin Ridley and Marvin Jones in two days? I'll be starting in the semifinals guys from the street LOL
  12. Against Carolina's run defense that's probably his floor.
  13. Me in February: I'm not coming back to this. Me two months later: