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  1. Had a pretty s---y(1/4) 1st round, lol, let's try: SF, BAL, KC and SEA
  2. At least he finally got to at least play in a playoff game
  3. Looks like that's exactly what they'll do, as apparently they'll be interviewing McCarthy(according to Rapaport) and Marvin Lewis (according to Schefter, sorry no idea how to embed Tweets­čś×https://sports.yahoo.com/cowboys-to-interview-mike-mc-carthy-even-though-they-havent-announced-jason-garrett-decision-163120267.htm
  4. Been playing 2 $$ leagues the last 4 years, and I don't really consider one more important than the other, but I really wanted to make the playoffs in the ESPN one, which I finally did this year, and then proceeded to win it, which was nice. Finished 4th in the other league, so probably the best year I've had since doing 2 leagues. This year more than any it seems, there were no brainer plays that didn't work out. The example that stays with me is Kenyan Drake getting traded on Monday to the Cardinals who were playing on Thursday against one of the best D's in the league at the time. I'm sure many benched him unless they had no choice. I know I would've, seemed like everything was going against him having a good game. Then of course he comes out and puts up over 162 yards total and a TD, lol
  5. I'll go, Bills and Titans in AFC, and Saints and Eagles (orig had Seahawks, but I guess I should stick with my gut, lol) in NFC
  6. Makes me wonder if he wasn't fully recovered when he came back to action
  7. My first 3 WR's drafted in one league were AB, Thielen and AJ Green, and I took Howard later (not to mention Cam at QB), recovered at TE with Henry (at least until the last couple weeks), figured one of those WR's had to hit. Prob woulda made some $$ if one had, lol. Basically screwed the pooch at every position except at RB
  8. Aaron Jones' 1st TD gave me a 1.5 pt lead, his second iced it, removed all doubt
  10. I played him, but only for a 3rd place game, obviously it's not going well, lol, he has more rushing yards than receiving
  11. I hear ya, needed him and Thielen to get me 30 pts combined in another league, not sure I'll even get half that
  12. It's short for Christmas Ham, Kirk is looking forward to his dinner on Wednesday
  13. Then almost another fumble, lol, feel like there's been more turnovers than penalties this game