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  1. Here‚úč After the Miami game last week, I thought they might at least do decent tonight. After that 1st half, I was wondering how far negative my D score would be so, I'll be glad to escape with a goose egg in that league's scoring format, lol
  2. I mean, admittedly, I don't know all the science behind it, but that illicit practice was what 9/29? 9/30? If(and that's a BIG if of course) the Titians have not been putting themselves at risk since then, and as long as they are negative from now to Tuesday AM(2 weeks since the original outbreak, I believe) it's not surprising to me that they'd play(with the infected players absent, of course). Whether that's smart, I dunno, again, I'm not knowledgeable on the specifics, but it wouldn't be surprising to me
  3. That's a fair point, I don't think Moore's that more valuable than Johnson as things stand now, in fact, it seems the opposite, that Johnson is on the rise and that Moore has been dropping, as Robby Anderson has been the beneficiary in each week but week 3. Even then, Anderson still had 109 that week to Moore's 120, also has gotten more targets than Moore last 2 weeks. THings can change of course(Moore could easily have a bounce back week vs. ATL, for instance), but that's how it seems to me right now.
  4. Lol, I hear that, in one league through two weeks I was 2nd in points and 0-2, almost was 2nd in pts and 0-3, but I dodged a Kelce blowup on MNF last week against BAL to survive the points leader for my 1st win Anyway, thanks for the help on mine! Yes, I would definitely do that deal(perfereably for Boyd, but I think it's still worth it for Moore). Only problem is it gives you a devil of a decision over start/sits once McCaffrey and Godwin get healthy, lol
  5. Thanks for the help on mine! I'd have to agree with many here, that IF you were to accept one, I'd choose Trade B. But even though I wasn't all that high on him(or, rather, the Seahawks O) coming into the season, I don't know if I could make that trade, that offense is looking very good, and having the RB on a high powered offense is usually preferable, as much as I like Jacobs
  6. Have Goff(@WSH) to fill in for Rodgers' BYE this week, but Bridgewater, who just had a fine game is available and he gets to face ATL this week. Should I play Goff or Bridgewater? 6 pt passing TD's, .05/yard Leave links and I'll try and help in return!
  7. I need both these to happen to win one league, lol In my other league, I need about 22 pts from Rodgers(thank you McKinnon!)
  8. I was like, why is it the same threads at the top every time I reload? Then I realized the last post was 10 hours ago, lol
  9. obv you've seen the tweet now, but yeah, they're usually pretty good at using the League Notes thing when there's a schedule quirk, so I'd imagine we'll see that over the next few days. Agreed, it shouldn't end up as a BYE unless they actually move the game to another week entirely
  10. Looks like ESPN is trying to figure it out, opponent+date/time has been removed from PIT/TEN players, though projection still remains. Oddly, Juju is currently considered to have played already in the Box Score section(note the "Yet to Play" and "Mins Left" tally[should be "8" and "480"], I'm sure that won't be permanent, lol) though I can still move him on my Roster page
  11. The wonders of Alvin Kamara brought me back from the dead in both my leagues where I am up by 23 points. Both opponents have Kelce, and one also has Brown. Hoping Kelce can stay around 100 yds without a TD, guaranteeing me a win where the guy only has Kelce, then Id have to sweat 14 pts from Brown in the other