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  1. I also play into week 17 and have horribly mismanaged my backup QB (Sam Darnold). My WW options are: Fitzmagic Minshew Mania Trubisky Red Rifle RGIII Carr Lock I don’t trust RGIIIs glass legs. Fitz and Trubisky have bad matchups. I don’t trust a rookie when $1,000 is on the line. Carr just has never excited me. Process of elimination is at the Red Rifle. I figure he has as good of a chance as any to post a strong week. Cleveland is horrendous so I feel like 200 and a TD is the floor with upside for a 30 point game.
  2. Holding onto a 2.5 point lead facing Jones and Adams. Im glad I bought beer at half time. I’m either celebrating or drinking the pain away.
  3. Sat Tevin Coleman for Sony and Gurley. Play the matchups they said.
  4. Getting real tired of being outscored at the kicker position. My point differential is -19 so far. I had Crosby the first two weeks for a total of 7. He has 7 already before half tonight. I dropped him for Elliott who has 2.
  5. What to do if your whole roster is a buy low candidate? Gurley, AB, Kittle, Woods, & Sony.
  6. I just had McCaff and Evans go off against me. Kittle and Sony have been worthless. Gurley and Woods haven’t done that great. Need a combined 200+ yards and 3 TDs to even make it close tonight. I’m likely falling to 1-2.
  7. Who was my replacement for this league? Didn’t think I was going to join a league this year but was suckered into a 10 team $200 buy in. Had no draft strategy or prep going into. We drafted last night. Standard scoring. We are allowed to roster 5 RBs and 6 WRs/TEs. WRs and TEs are considered as a “receiver” in this league QB: Carson Wentz RB: Zeke Elliot, Todd Gurley WR/TE: Antonio Brown, Robert Woods, George Kittle K: Mason Crosby DST: New England Bench: Sony Michel, Josh Gordon, Tarik Cohen, Sterling Shepherd, MVS, Duke Johnson, Lamar Jackson, Kirk Cousins Yay or nay?
  8. Are you in a 4 team league? If so then, yes. If not, shut up.
  9. 14 team league and 1-2. Most points scored against by 36 points. Fifth in points scored but only 13 points from third most points scored. I’ve had a combined 4.3 points from my 2nd, 3rd, and 5th round picks (McKinnon, Baldwin, and Olsen). The fact my team is still competitive is astonishing. Kamara, GMO, Breida and #cawcaw have carried the team so far.
  10. Olsen owner here. Im not as worried about the snap count. Played 40% of plays last week and ran 18 routes. Could be worse. Eifert is far more talented than anyone else on waivers at this point.