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  1. The problem is gone for the rest of the year. Mayfield, without Beckham screwing everything up, is a solid FF QB. Stats with & without him prove it.
  2. Pretty sad this guy had to sit behind the garbage that is beckham. Glad to see him back out there helping get this offense back to where it was before the cancer arrived. Now they just heed to take their medicine on that awful trade & cut the cancer out after the season.
  3. Right here. Fortunately I have no choice as Gibson is on a bye.
  4. What kind of idiot would be selling?
  5. Losing Jackson is great for Wentz. He's a bum now. They need to get Quez Watkins going in his spot.
  6. Best play he's ever had as a Brown. The team was an offensive juggernaut once he was out of the picture.
  7. Yeah, he's stupid. He blew it in the SB like no one has ever before him.
  8. Yeah, like beating NE with Scam Newton is a tough assignment.
  9. He's not going to be a TE target monster like Kelce or Kittle with Adams around but Rodgers trusts him. Redraft maybe not what one would hope but dynasty I like his potential.
  10. You do. Hou is simply terrible. They tried to single cover Adams cause they are stupid and 1-6. Most teams will double him freeing up other receivers. He's the #2 option without Jones. Lazard is behind Tonyan in the pecking order now.
  11. The guy is a complete idiot. Just deflated the team with that bonehead call.
  12. He's gonna get the franchise tag if not a big payday. Sad but he's stuck here.
  13. Exactly Megatron. I had Megatron, I have Golladay and you watch and cringe at the effort required to catch Stafford's garbage.
  14. Shanahan is really stupid. I can see this happening.
  15. He is what sucks on the Browns. All one has to do is look at Mayfield's career stats with this jackwad and without him. He's simply rotten garbage. The same play where he got hurt and thus sparked the Browns to the win, Higgins was able to sky over the defender for the catch. Exact same play.