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  1. Sadly I will be correct. At best they start the season and it collapses in a heap of infections.
  2. There will be no NFL season. If they try, by the 3-4th week some teams will be asking people off the street to suit up and take the place of the NFL players.
  3. 0 rushes, 0 yards, 0 TDS. There will be no NFL 2020.
  4. fitting way for this watson bum to end his season.
  5. 🤣 Watson, what a total clown. Throw the ball you moron. Waiting for a player to be open works in the reg. season, not in the playoffs. What a bum.
  6. The real comparison is DK and Andre Johnson.
  7. Letting people like you looks stupid first. 😁
  8. Once the OL starts to move on to other teams and falls back to the middle of the pack and then lower when they stupidly pay this clown millions and cant afford top of the line OL, they will have Joe Flacco II. seems I'm the only one who has figured out that the OL is making this guy viable right now. The blueprint is there now. Took them forever to figure it out but a top D will always be in the playoffs and this guy has no chance vs a top D. Fantasy wise, ride him while you can but the wheels will fall off fast. Injuries are in the future.
  9. Watson is 100% garbage. WR running crossing route, wide open and he cant even throw it.
  10. No reason to franchise a pile of garbage. Just wait for everyone to walk away holding their noses and sign the bum for the league minimum. Seriously, what team would think this INT machine would make them better? Gruden.
  11. 20-30 years ago, Winston would have gotten jacked up so much with those cement shoes that he wouldn't have made it through a season. He's gotta be the clumsiest QB in NFL history. He so dumb that his feet and pea brain can't get in sync. It's a good thing 30 INT QBs don't grow on trees or the NFL would be outta business. He's a no talent loser. Anyone can put up 30 TDs if you throw that many pick-6s and have to come out and continue throwing to try and win. It's comical that anyone would think this bum has what it takes after 5 years of progressively bad play. He set the record for pick-6s in a season.
  12. Mixon ain't getting out of the top 15 or the league you are in is full of clueless people. They altered the blocking from last year and as soon as someone outside the org, told them to go back to what they ran at the end of 2018, Mixon started dominating. Knowing stuff like this is how you separate yourself from the redraft ham & eggers.
  13. 😄 `100% pure rotten garbage. Fitting that his last pass in TB was a pick-6. It was one of his best ever. 1 snap, game losing pick-6. His nickname needs to be Pick-6 because he's setting records handing points to the opposing teams. Gruden will take him.