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  1. Traded: Fournette, Gibson and McKissic Received: Golladay, P. Williams, M. Gaskins 12 team redraft 1/2 ppr
  2. 12 Team 1/2 Ppr Team currently 1-1. I trade L. Fournette, A Gibson, B. Snell I receive K. Golladay, M. Gaskins, Preston williams Roster Qb: K. Murray Wr: DJ Moore WR: L. Shenaukt WR: J. Raegor Rb: M. Sanders Rb: K. Hunt Te: Z. Ertz BN M. Thomas BN A Lazard BN C Claypool BN S. Sheppard BN Antonio Gibson BN B. Snell BN JD McKissic
  3. Lots of lists has him ranked pretty high entering 2020. The trade of Randy Arozarena and Jose Martinez coupled with the loss of Ozuna has him aiming for a mid season call up at worst. His well balanced approach from both sides of the plate adds to most evaluators consensus of an above average player with the hope of evolving into an all-star. These same evaluators are concerned with lack of frame to grow into as he is already well built leading to a higher floor, but lower ceiling than most elite prospects. Watching some of his highlights shows a solid plate approach with mechanics to go along with the approach. Seems to have generated a lot of big dongs from the left side of the plate ensuring the power is real from either side. Even with the concerns of lack of room to grow much more I for one am very excited about this kid. What are your thoughts?
  4. Maybe getting in before the rush. Deangelo moves to PG. He looked good in the preseason and the other warrior plays came away impressed with him. Tonight should show us where Stephs minutes go.
  5. 12 team redraft league, .5 ppr. I trade S. Barkley and D. Waller for D. Hopkins and T. Kelce. Current Roster Makeup QB T. Brady WR T. Hilton WR C. Godwin WR T. McLaurin RB Zeke RB K. Johnson Te D. Waller Flex RB R. Jones BN RB M. Sanders BN WR M. Williams BN RB T. Pollard BN WR A. Tate BN TE V. McDonald BN RB S. Barkley I could use a high end wr1, but not sure if Kelce and Hopkins makes up for the loss of Barkley.
  6. I wouldn't say unproductive, but after facing Baltimore the offense may finally be kicking into gear. However, with the recent blurb stating Callaway's snaps will be limited, combined with an upcoming stretch of games (and a bye for weeks 7-10) facing NE, Denver and Buffalo, which has me holding on picking him up for now. Wake me up in week 11.
  7. Zeke, the Vikings will drive Cook into the ground if they continue this game plan.
  8. I think there are better options out there for Waller. SF has 3 rbs when Coleman returns leading to a frustrating ownership.
  9. He could have had Ronald Jones. Received 3 vetoes, but my league requires a league majority for vetos to void trades.
  10. I'd keep your side all day. Decline.
  11. 12 Team redraft league with .5 ppr. I scored Saquon on the cheap last week by trading Fuller and Royce Freeman and am debating on capitalizing, though Saquon's early return has me debating. Again, I'd be trading Saquon for Deandre Hopkins. Here is my current lineup. QB Tom Brady WR Ty Hilton WR Chris Godwin WR Terry McLaurin RB Zeke RB Miles Sanders TE Darren Waller Flex Ronald Jones BN Kerryon Johnson BN Mike Williams BN Saquon Barkley BN Auden Tate BN Antonio Callaway First, my own thoughts. While I could trade Saquon for Hopkins, I could also capitalize on my RB depth and trade Kerryone plus a WR for a top flight WR in the coming weeks. My league has 3 teams 1-3 that have good WR1's. Odell, Devante Adams, Amari Cooper and maybe even Cooper Kupp and Evans could be available to me. This is a very active league and everyone trades. I'd like to get some outside opinions on the trade and my team. WHIR of course.
  12. I watched all of week 2 and waited for a blurb to come out stating he had a minor injury of some sort, but nothing ever came. In week 2 on his last carry he can be seen wincing as he jogged back to the sideline. I think something happened that caused them to tread on the side of caution. No one can say they feel comfortable starting him given the inconsistent touches, but next weed could confirm whether week 2 was an outlier or part of Arians madness.
  13. I believe this was referred to earlier in this thread, but when Ajayi was healthy he was receiving about 15 touches per game. Nothing against Howard, he will have his role, but his talent doesn't compare to what Sanders has to offer. This isn't the Patriots, rather it's that the Eagles, under Pederson, up until this point have chosen not to invest heavily in the RB position. They are now invested. He should be receiving his 15 touches a game which should be 10-12 runs and 2-4 catches per game. With this o-line there is only one way to go and that is downhill. Take some of the demand of Wentz, keep him healthy and control the clock.
  14. From Stl Today 3 days ago, a quote from Manager Mike Shildt, "He’s done a lot of what he needs to do offensively,” said Shildt. “He’s got a really high OPS. Last time, I saw it it was a little over 1.000. Defensively, he’s capable. We’ve seen that. There’s nothing else he really needs to be able to prove. It’s a matter of justifying ... do we bring him up and have him come off the bench?" and he continues “We’ve got outfielders who have done a representative job for us. We don’t feel like there’s a huge call but we recognize, and not blindly, we have to score more runs and we have to look for solutions for that.” Thought I read that Cards GM John Mozeliak has been impressive and bring a new element to the team as reported by Tom Ackerman at KMOX. He may be coming up soon.