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  1. No, it is the perfect time to sit players who arent 100%. Why risk further injury?
  2. All good points. Just wanted to add 1 more bit...Kelley cant hold onto the ball.
  3. Gotta give the Chargers play caller credit for trying to be unpredictable.
  4. Forgetting to plug in OBJ in what will possibly be his best game for the season.
  5. I do question his judgment though. Seems like he's playing to save Gase's job tonight.
  6. Guess Rosenthal made the smart choice signing with the same manager he had his best years of his career with.
  7. Mize at 18? Pearson after Manning?
  8. Well, he finally caught a break.
  9. Spring training for established stars such as Cole is all about preparation for the start of the season; conditioning, working on new stuff. Highly doubt there are serious game plans and scouting reports on attacking hitters. Up to date performances in spring is for evaluating players fighting for jobs. Cole is not fighting for a job. If this was in April/May, sure, you have a reason to start worrying.
  10. Too bad hes no longer playing 2B. At least he still has eligibility in some leagues this season.
  11. Didnt they win a championship the last time they 'supposedly" were rebuilding (2018)?