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  1. McLaurin over Woods Is Mattison comfirmed out yet? I'd roll with Boone, but if u dont have another backup to flex Monday then Washington Thanks for the help!
  2. Singletary and Washington. I don’t trust Mont this week. Help?
  3. Which 2 (flex spots) should I start in the championship? Thielen vs GB John Brown vs NE AJ Brown vs NO Amendola vs Den Boone vs GB Higbee vs SF
  4. Thielen vs LAC AJ Brown vs HOU John Brown vs PIT G Tate vs MIA
  5. Lamar, I think Cousins will get some points but Lamar uses his legs. Help?
  6. I would roll with Anderson over Landry. I have a feeling it will be a Chubb week. Help?
  7. Minn D vs Det Browns D vs Cin Colts D vs NYG Who should I stream?