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  1. Or do I start in my flex spot? My Rb's are Carson James White
  2. 50% of the work for boone isnt going to win you fantasy gold - If you have someone like deandre washington or anthony miller or Perriman - Play them and save yourself the headache
  3. QB / Brees / Trubisky WR / Hill / Slayton / Shepard / M Brown / AJ Brown RB / Cook / Mattison / Adrian Peterson / Deandre Washington / Carson / James White TE / Kittle / Henry Kicker / Fairbarin / Bailey Def / Denver / Titans / Seattle Please help me pick my line up
  4. same has been said about Jerrick Mckinnon and he hasnt really produced well.
  5. Mattison himself said he was ready to play. I dont think his injury is that serious but its really anyone's guess. If he does play I believe it'll be a timeshare. I really dont see Dalvin playing this week. If you guys have someone like DeAndre Washington - I say fire him up.
  6. who said Mattison has an high ankle sprain?
  7. I have Kamara, Carson, James white as my running backs Would you use waiver wire #1 on Penny? I am currently ranked 3rd and will make the playoffs.
  8. Ajayi wont do much with miles sanders there.
  9. Highly doubt the Lions trade for Penny as Kerryon Johnson is still their main guy. He isn't going anywhere and his injury isnt that serious. There are no other teams out there that needs an RB besides the Bucs / Washington / Bills / Fins / Texans - I don't see any of these teams trading for an RB Bucs have Ronarldo Washington has Guice Bills have SIngletary Fins are a Hot Mess - Theyre rebuilding themselves Texans are fine with Hyde at the moment.
  10. He won't get traded - Seattle would never admit to their mistake and trade him less then a 2nd rounder - no one in their right minds would pay a 2nd rounder for penny - He's too injury prone
  11. Terry - No Brainer - When terry has played - he has returned Low WR1 #'s. He might have had a dud last week but he was playing the niners in really poor field weather where the qb threw 12 times
  12. why would the lions trade for anybody when Kerryon Johnson is only in the IR for 8 games. He be back week 16 and the playoffs - if they make it. He's still Detroit's future. People acting like hes done for the season lol
  13. In a 2 qb league - I have to drop one for bye week filler - pick 2 out of 3 - which two will you keep? Matt Ryan Drew Brees Kyle Murray