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  1. Maybe the Chiefs are interested. They signed McCoy this time last year, so maybe they do something similar with Freeman.
  2. I would go Boston Scott. He should have more touches and goal line opportunities than OBJ.
  3. Yes, he's safe to drop. You'll never feel comfortable using him at this point in the season.
  4. Stud. Hopefully none of you sold after the big week.
  5. You guys have no patience. Everyone has bad games. Gordon's going to explode against the weak Bear's defense.
  6. Interesting take. I think Rodgers leans on him this game. 8/100/1
  7. Anyone streaming him with Davante, Geronimo, and MVS out? Could have a big day.
  8. I don't care if he drops 10 long TD passes -- he just needs to catch 1 to make him worth the start. He's getting open and targeted enough to make that a high enough chance for me.