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  1. A few points b/c I don't understand the numbers ... 1. I see Carson as the workhorse back in Seattle FWIW. He's probably a mid to low end RB2 but that's still better than Hyde can say. He'll be fighting for carries with Yeldon and eventually Fournette. 2. If you're going to go for Baldwin, now;'s the time to do it. I see him as a low end WR2, high end WR3 but his numbers to this point have been underwhelming. He'd be a good sub for Crabtree. 3. I like Mixon as an RB2. He's clearly the future there and the Bengals ought to move the ball pretty well despite what you saw Sunday night. I worry about Ingram's consistency with his lack of a role in the passing game, and while I like Carson, I like Mixon more. Jones' stats are down with Golladay's emergence so I'm not sure he's much help. Help with mine?
  2. Slight lean toward making this deal. Hyde will never be a workhorse RB in Jacksonville – right now he's the thunder to Yeldon's lightning, and optimists believe that Fournette will be back in a couple weeks (I'm skeptical). I'm not sure that Richard is either in Oakland, but with them playing catch-up as often as I think they will be, he should get a good amount of touches. Help with mine?
  3. I would make the deal to get McCaffrey. He has no competition for carries in Carolina, whereas Cook probably never gets a full workload, and Ingram's sharing touches with Kamara and not getting significant looks in the passing game.
  4. I have Zeke and worry about that offense moving the ball consistently. It's helped that he's become part of the passing game more, but ... KC is just a juggernaut. Hunt's going to get so many more opportunities in the red zone the way that they're going. I don't see it slowing down either. Make the deal if you can. Help with mine?
  5. Pffft. TAKE IT. No brainer. Use the two extra roster spots to find depth on the wire. Help on mine?
  6. What Urban said. Safer floor for Adams with fewer options available to ARod. I also like the bigger WRs when the weather starts to turn cold. Help with mine?
  7. New lease on life for Cooper. Younger, clearly the number one option, and ought to see some one on ones with teams stacking the box for Elliott. Nelson's best days are behind him, in part because he doesn't have Rodgers throwing it to him. Help with mine?
  8. I'm still not convinced that Leveon's going to come back and contribute. Pittsburgh's just going to hand him the job after all this? No training camp? No preseason? I just don't see it. But I also think you have three VERY good backs in Gurley, McCaffrey and Chubb, so any upgrade on what you have at WR would help. Slight lean toward doing it. It's about the maximum value you could expect from Conner with Bell still slated to come back. More value to the Bell owner too. Help with mine?
  9. Watson by quite a bit. Better weapons, easier schedule, higher ceiling. Help with mine?
  10. I agree with Urban. Minnesota should move the ball pretty consistently with those two receivers. And if you're looking at the short term, I don't see Crosby kicking much against the Rams this week. The Pack could very well be down and need to put up six. Help?
  11. Team in signature. An owner in my league needed help on a bye week and grew weary of Leonard Fournette's prolonged injury issues and he cut him. I am #3 in waiver priority. At first, it seems like a no-brainer, but consider ... He's out this week, then the bye, and who knows after that? The Carlos Hyde trade is telling, no? How effective would he even be, or what share of touches would he get, if he returns? Use it or stand pat?
  12. The good news is you have two very good options this week. I'd lean ever so slightly toward the Packers. The bottom line is that Cleveland has been hemorrhaging points to opposing defenses all year. The Packers have plenty to play for – they know they need this one, and if they get it, Rodgers can take them home starting next week. I do like the Chargers and will be starting them myself in one of my leagues, but given the choice, I'd go Green Bay. Help?
  13. Howard, Perine, Jets. I understand that Howard isn't an ideal start this week (see my thread below) – not with what he's done recently and with the matchup. Yet I still like him over Morris (who is a zero if gameflow doesn't go his way) and Davis (who's coming off an injury). Howard has enough of a track record to think he'll get touches. The Jets are playing well and the Broncos simply aren't. I understand Peterman had a nightmare debut, but that was against a fierce Charger D. I actually would consider starting the Bills D against the Colts if that's an option. Help?
  14. I think Carr has the edge here by a pretty good margin. Kansas City is in shambles, and their already horrid pass D now doesn't have their best CB (Peters). And yet the KC O should put the kind of production that won't turn this into a clock-killing ground game for Oakland. Start Carr with confidence. Help?
  15. I'd go Sanu. Neither is particularly desirable, but I can't imagine a big night from Funchess against that defense. That game has 13-9 written all over it, whereas you could see Atlanta and New Orleans going up and down the field. Help?