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  1. I don't understand if your line is that bad, how are you not running screens, draws, etc.? Dude getting 2 targets a game is criminal
  2. Lol wow. I've give you Montgomery, Wade Boggs and a side of rice pilaf. No takers? Alrightythen
  3. Losing Pouncey certainly doesn't help as well. Gotta feel like SD....erm LAC will figure it out and MGIII will do his best to perform as he's auditioning for 31 other teams.
  4. Yeah and that number is skewed from CMC and the Panthers going buck wild on them in week 6. I have to start him due to bye weeks but would love to see them get him the ball in space, screens, slants whatever. Coaching staff has to play to strengths, BUT that is the assumption of rational coaching.
  5. Where there's smoke there's fire. Rams have no reason to be transparent about the injury. Brown's go time
  6. Don't hate the trade but I agree you should be able to get more. RBs are the ultimate chess pieces in fantasy
  7. That would not be buying low my friend. Carson > Mixon, Lockett > Woods (but not by a huge margin IMO) I'd go in with a lower offer and then work my way up
  8. Yeah he's def trying to extort you and 9 RBs? Sheesh, need some roster limits next year. What's your record? I'd freeze him out and make it know you're entertaining other offers(similar to the way NFL teams leak trade info) to get him to lower his price. Gallman may only have a week or 2 left anyway and is facing MIN and NE.
  9. You def need a sure fire RB. If you can package Mahomes (and maybe a WR) for a starting RB I think you have to do it. If you get a W this week and JJSS has a good game I'd deal him too. I do not trust that Pitt passing O
  10. Do you need RoJo or is he just depth? Mixon a slight downgrade for Kerryon at this point
  11. I like Waller here, clear #2 option. Dont chase those Howard TDs.
  12. Maybe its greedy but agree you can get more for Hooper right now
  13. I'd say it's fair. Ek and FFreeman essentially a wash so looking at Singletary vs Ridely which I'd lean the WR since he's healthier
  14. I send: Prescott, Mattison I receive: Josh Allen, Joe Mixon Full PPR Mixon has been garbage but this offer has me considering My other QB: Rivers My other RBs: Gordon, Montgomery, Breida, Darrell Williams, Gallman