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  1. Lost in most of this conversation is the fact he is still not @ 100% so the fact he isn't used as much in the passing or short yardage pkgs is expected. While it may continue it is also a possibility that especially his passing game role may increase. Short yardage likely won't due to the success of Venus & Serena with their thicker trunks plowing into the pile. Shady could be on the field more in the 2 min drill offense or comeback mode as his health & endurance increases. Borderline RB1/ RB 2 ROS
  2. You're way too young … The original was Csonka & Mercury Morris (plus Kiick) unless you want to go to college with Blanchard & Davis when college was bigger than the NFL
  3. Axe Elf wouldn't belittle himself to offer his insights for a mere $200
  4. Once again we have no clue what info the NFL has or how they will respond to the public potential outcry if they go lightly on Tyreek. That's the main reason I suspect he will get a significant suspension of a minimum 6 games. Way back in the day Paul Hornung & Alex Karras got full year suspensions without a legal guilty verdict. Recently the league did likewise to Zeke and a couple of others to protect their brand. Regardless of actual proof of guilt Hill will get a suspension for conduct unbecoming . The NFLPA gave "THE SHIELD" the power to do so. Ergo there's little recourse for Tyreek or the Union to overturn any ruling. Interesting part will be how the Chiefs approach a future contract . Will Tyreek hold a grudge if he is innocent and the Chiefs didn't show public support or do Hill & Reid have a good enough relationship that Tyreek is thankful that the Chiefs gave him his opportunity when almost no one else was willing ? This is better than Keeping Up with the Kardashians reading the comments where some think they have definitive knowledge of the situation to support their own biases. Seems the masses love drama ! I prefer to wait until the details come public before professing innocence or guilt . Truth be told there is probably way more gray areas than black & white answers here.
  5. Terelle Pryor after signing with Washington add The Great Dayne from just about any of his early years
  6. I'd bet he's not a set it & forget it guy... which is what Tyreek was ! So yes , Mecole is a guy you'd want to have in case he has growth or a good matchup on your starters bye week or injuries. Be surprised if you started 3 or more times in a 12 team or less league. Only in a return yardage lg. is he a pretty sure starter
  7. I remember what a hard time Kyler had finding Hollywood Brown 😅
  8. Tyreek was a extremely physical guy with a RB vision & mentality. Had the strength to fight through jamming by big DB's and quicks to leave you in the dust if you whiffed. Could bully the smaller speed cover guys. Unfortunately used those traits off the field too . Hardman is a Santana Moss lite type. Great threat to take the top off and can be moved around on sweeps & bubble screens but not a go - to guy that can be dominant like Hill became with a full route tree. Beating teams on out routes and skinny posts / slants across the middle. Takes a rare talent combined with toughness to survive at smaller stature running routes in traffic. Will Fuller that is better in the return game. Worth rostering but not going to be the next Cheetah
  9. Rumors surfacing that the Colts are thinking about bringing in Swag Kelly … Probably be 3rd in camp behind Brissett to save on Luck's arm but it's a chance to show something. How long before he ends up on da' Raidahs ?
  10. Damien Williams I'm guessing in KC
  11. Chad Kelly resurfaces to play NFL Football … (on a strangers couch in a game of Madden with a kid) 💥
  12. Hopefully it isn't Caitlyn (not really a Kardashian,I know)
  13. Agreed, Coach Pistachio is molding team in his image to show what a defensive genius he is. Protecting his precious image by dumbing down the offense worked at times but in today's games to beat the elite teams you have to be able to put points on the board. Look at thee teams that consistently win they have to have very good if not great play from their qb come playoffs. Pistachio probably thinks he was integral in the Patriots championships when actually his defenses got torched Bevell seems content to try and win games 17-14 or less but not holding out much hope that will be the case in Detroit. Boring game plans vs Vikes & Bears will get the leos playing from behind which turns loose the pass rush & pressure on Stafford. Not a recipe for success.
  14. Said that a long time ago that rb position isn't where the Chiefs are going to invest much capital with the production they've been getting from cheaper options. So there is a REAL GOOD chance the job is DW's to lose
  15. Goes back to Favre days but as a hometown Lions fan what kind of offensive should we expect from a D.B. / Patricia union ?