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  1. The NFL knows Brady and the Bucs will be the biggest story and biggest draw this year. Cowboys-Rams is not more appealing, and that is why it was placed in week 1, the most likely week to be changed. Week 1-4 could very well be changed, delayed, cancelled, and the NFL knew this. Thats what they locked in Brady from Week 5-12 with 5 Primetime games (maxiumum allowable for a season), 2 Games of the week at 4:25, and a single 1 PM game. And in the noncontingency plan where Week 1-16 go on as planned, the Bucs get four games to gel before playing in Primetime. Love him or not, the NFL knows that all eyes will be on Brady this year, and its doing everything it can to make that happen.
  2. This dude is going to be an absolute stud. He looks like James White when he catches the ball, Frank Gore when he is pass blocking, and a faster slightly smaller but still pretty upright version of Demarco Murray when he one cuts his way to the endzone. I dont see how you can possibly look at this guys tape and come away unimpressed.
  3. Long term, refs the best thing that could have happened to NE though. Gives a rallying cry just like last year
  4. No. NE has tiebreaker. Need to lose to buffalo and either Cincinnati or miami for buffalo to take it.
  5. KC receiver down at 39. Marked at 40. Pat's lose challenge that was blatantly wrong. Kelsey fumbles rules down. Gilmore would have run for a TD if call correct on the field. Pat's now out of challenges. Harry scores a TD. Except doesn't. No challenges because they refused to overturn the blatantly incorrect spot. Doesett pass interference call not called. No challenges as above. I stand corrected. It would have been 37 23 if not for refs
  6. Makes the non pass interference in saints game look like a good call
  7. So blatant. This is all about Lamar Jackson. Nothing more nothing less.