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  1. someone can explain why the clowney hit on lock behind the line of scrimmage wasnt a sack?
  2. I feel i gotta start him in the flex, the game was so much crap last week and he still ended up with 60 yards in 1 half. At this point I'm waiting for any coach speak I can get, the fact he had some type of injury last week and now practiced fully could be a sign he wont get benched and will play the full thing
  3. simply one of the top 10 wrs in any fantasy format, not elite at all
  4. so let me get this right, Packers play against one of the worst run defenses but a defense that's been pretty good keeping Qbs in check so they decide to pass 40 times but run 10? Makes sense
  5. this guy is now probably one of the top 3 cuffs to own, lots of upside if anything happens to Hyde
  6. yeah but thing is, the dude he is splitting reps with is talented as well, you don't go from undrafted to getting the majority of RB snaps by not having "talent". That usually happens with guys drafted in early rounds...
  7. lol the guy has delivered double digits every time he played a full game and it felt like we were only scratching the surface of his potential, you guys do what you want, but Reed, really?
  8. I find blaming the refs is usually a lame thing to do but wow, they really stole this one from the Browns
  9. might be reasonable but I dont see any Jones owner willing to not play it out, especially for a WR3 typa guy
  10. smallwood got 13 and adams 6 in his 1st game out of the practice squad, you think there's gonna be that many RB touches going around every week? I understand that he has some value if you're in a large league and are hurting at flex but he will never take over the backfield, that's simply not how the Eagles use their backs so for someone looking at high upside stash, he simply is not that
  11. i did the same, he's never going to get rb1-rb2 usage, they will split carries 3 way if ajayi and sproles are out, combine that with them eventually coming back, not much upside
  12. bruh, Crowell is not on the wire in any competitive league
  13. I think it depends on Jeffery being back or not. If he's out again this week, probably gonna roll Goedert