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  1. Please packers or saints please packers or saints !!!
  2. Possibly, I’ve been reading Julio got hurt missed 2 weeks came back. Then in playoffs against Seahawks he reinsure d it and was forced out early but came back for the super bowl. This is injury is tricky, wish I could trade him lol
  3. Julio played a whole season with turf toe and still put up 88 catches 1,444 yards 3tds. This guy on the other hand.... so frustrating. Signed, irritated, unforgiving, unreasonable owner
  4. He gets a weekly 8 or so targets, the volume is there. He’s just not capitalizing on his opportunities these past few weeks. I think after the bye he’s back to regularly scheduled programming and blow up games coming. Plus TE’s are very thin this year.
  5. I did, I was holding out hope for an O.J. Howard trade but that doesn’t look like it’s happening. There’s been reports from that la corfona cat and a few others, I’ve seen articles on BR, and a few others reporting that multiple teams are interested in signing him. As crappy a person he is, talent wins out. He’s still a top caliber wr and I don’t doubt a team takes a chance on him. Why not if you have the space.
  6. So in the event of a Gurley injury whose the back to own ros
  7. The chances of him being a startable fantasy football TE are much higher for him in a new system than they are in TB and honestly that's all that matters.
  8. This him getting traded is losing traction after each hour passes. No updates or anything lol I was hopeful but man it’s looking dry
  9. I don’t think sanders should be the bell cow, although that’d be awesome. But I definitely don’t think the way the carries have been split the past two weeks is a recipe for success in the future. The split needs to be fixed. In sanders favor 70/30
  10. Malcom brown should know if he sits this week his job is lost. Add Darrell now
  11. This will be sanders backfield in a few weeks
  12. Cam would do the Denver Broncos wonders.
  13. Malcom brown should know if he sits this week his job is lost. Add Darrell now
  14. He needs a qb who has some balls. Insert cam newton