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  1. appreciate you guys playing the voice of reason in my head lol , thanks
  2. im reaaally thinking about benching aaron jones for sterling shepard or anthony miller. this viking game scares me lol. am i overthinking this with trying to find a way to bench jones and his minimal yardage?
  3. devonta freeman or anthony miller? ppr league . i do not trust freeman lol , but he has the best matchup . miller is bound to let me down lol . also starting dak is nerve wrecking , would i be stupid to sit him for daniel jones or lock lol .
  4. looking at anthony miller, amendola , devonte freeman , randal cobb and justin watson. full ppr league . im honestly just baffled with all these guys. seems like a coin toss on who to start. id rather let you guys pick for me since i havent been doing a good job lol.
  5. i think im pretty much screwed lol , i need help picking a WR and a flex. hopefully parker plays and that will solve my WR slot. but gotta plan for him missing. full ppr league Devonta Freeman Chris Thompson Danny Amendola Randall Cobb Allen Hurns Anthony Miller DeVante Parker Justin Watson
  6. crowder , james washington , joe mixon , or tyrell williams? full ppr league , need to pick 1. ive been going back and forth with mostly the 3 wrs. i would usually trust crowder out there as my flex , but after last week im a lil scared of that lol.
  7. im left with mixon or freeman in a ppr league. ugh i cant even choose lol
  8. devonta freeman or joe mixon? ppr league i think im screwed either way lol
  9. My davantae adams for chris carson? Im really thin at the rb position. My top 2 are freeman and henry. Carson would be a big plus. But giving up my best wr. I would have golloday, tyrell williams, and John brown as my wrs. Looking at carsons remaining schedule, makes me say no lol
  10. Ppr league Fitzgerald, locket, or scantling Ive got locket in right now, but curious to see if anyone thinks i should start scantling instead. Thank you
  11. Ppr league, marquez valdez-scatling or Larry fitzgerald? Kinda hard to choose #1vs #2. But both have great matchups. Im thinking mvs.
  12. You guys think starting mvs over fitz is smart lol