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  1. lol dude it's 3 games in and the first 2 were blowouts. Yes, DeMar has the ball handling responsibilities right now as Lowry is the better off the ball player and he'll figure it out. It's a new system, he'll heat up in no time.
  2. I appreciate your love for Delon. He's a great back up and an eventual starter but I disagree, Powell is the better long term player. Casey will have a lot of dual point lineups, either Lowry/Delon, Delon/FVV, FVV/Lowry when DeRozan sits. A lineup of 2 points/Powell/CJ/Poeltl is too small. While Casey is still experimenting with rotations, I don't think Powell gets replaced unless it's CJ.
  3. No. He will not outplay Powell. Both of the games so far have been blowouts and Powell is the better player to have long term.
  4. Commentators noted that Jonas was available to come back in but since it's a major blowout will take caution and let him rest. His availability next game depends on the swelling.
  5. For sure, if people actually watched the games they wouldn't overreact.
  6. What do you mean he wasn't playing? He logged 25:36 mins
  7. Raptors bench went on a 20 point run and the starters took it easy on a blowout. Wouldn't read too much into this.
  8. Melo still put up 20 shots, not really too worried about the distribution
  9. He would start alongside dsj with Yogi off the bench
  10. Do you think he hits top 100~ sooner than later if at all?
  11. Not familiar with his game, how does he benefit from the Lin injury?
  12. Ladies and gents, please do yourself a favor and pick up Joe Ingles. He's very much involved in the offense and plays within himself.