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  1. Bump: White Sox look the part of a contender for years to come with an infield of Moncada, Abreu, Anderson, Story, Chapman, and a rotation headlined by Giolito, Kopech, and Keller. This is a fantastic league with incredible owner participation - don't miss out on this chance to join in on the action!
  2. Astros and White Sox are both available! Link to Astros Roster Link to White Sox Roster
  3. I can only think that the Angels acquisition of Pederson significantly impacts Adell's 2020 value. His best bet for full time play once eventually called up is probably a Pujols injury to move Pederson to 1B and free up an OF spot.
  4. I think another big takeaway is that the recent results indicate one should typically consider trading down from picks 2-5 for the chance to take multiple shots in the 10-30 range. JRod, KRob, Valera in this class in the 9-20 range, Tatis at 30 in the year before. Quantity seems to win out with the randomness that is 16 year old international prospects
  5. Elijah Tatis in the top 100 is incredibly aggressive! I haven't found many publications that rank him as a serious prospect, let alone at the level you've got him. What have you heard about him as a player that is motivating the rank?
  6. Sutton has the highest upside IMO, especially in a PPR Help with my flex question?
  7. Which do I start in a 0.5 ppr where I need floor (should be an easy win)
  8. The 24 team dynasty/salary cap league I created 3 seasons ago (the Juiced Ball League) has 2 openings for new GMs: the Red Sox and the Astros. We are starting our offseason Minor League Free Agent Draft on November 11th - so if you're itching to talk prospects with a group of hardcore dynasty players this is the place to do it! Scoring format is weekly 6x6 categories with OBP, SLG, R, RBI, HR, SB and K/9, ERA, WHIP, Svs, Hlds, QS Highlights of the league are: 60 man minor league systems x 24 teams = 1200 minor leaguers owned Offseason Rule 5 draft, Minor League Free Agent draft, and in-season Amateur Draft Salary caps and free agent bidding system ensures relative competitive parity Links: Constitution Forum Red Sox Overview The Red Sox took the AL wild card slot last year with the help of a young star-studded offense including Betts, Machado, Hiura and Bogaerts. Behind Chris Sale the pitching staff looks like it could use some improvement, but with an above-average farm system a new GM could find trade partners without issue. Link to Red Sox Roster Astros Overview Every league has that team that has been a cellar-dweller for a while, and in this league it is the Astros. A throwback to the early 2010s MLB 'stros, the JBL's Astros have thoroughly tanked for multiple seasons. The farm system isn't as strong as it should be at the moment, headlined by Gore, Heliot Ramos, Bohm, and Bleday. However, with studs like Altuve, Correa, Ketel Marte, and ERod on the MLB roster a rebuilding and trade-savvy GM will be able to add a ton to the rebuild. Plus HOU will have the 8th overall pick in both the upcoming Minor League Free Agent Draft and the mid-season Amateur Draft, which should secure even more top-tier prospect talent. Link to Astros Roster Check it out and hit me up at cwhittl3@gmail.com if you are interested!
  9. This should be a very useful resource for you all: the first 144 picks in our dynasty league's Amateur Draft. No international prospects are eligible, only players that are 2019 draftees and actually signed with clubs Round 1 1. NYM - Adley Rutchman, C, BAL 2. HOU - JJ Bleday, OF, MIA 3. TB - Andrew Vaughn, 1B, CHW 4. SFG - Bobby Witt Jr, SS, KC 5. ATL via LAD - Riley Greene, OF, DET 6. MIN - C.J. Abrams, SS, SD 7. MIL - Josh Jung, 3B, TEX 8. BAL - Corbin Carroll, OF, ARI 9. NYY - Brett Baty, 3B, NYM 10. TOR - Bryson Stott, SS, PHI 11. CIN - Hunter Bishop, OF, SFG 12. PHI - Kody Hoese, 3B, LAD 13. SD - Michael Busch, 2B, LAD 14. COL - Keoni Cavaco, 3B, MIN 15. TEX - Nick Lodolo, P, CIN 16. DET - Shea Langeliers, C, ATL 17. CHW - Kameron Misner, OF, MIA 18. PIT - Will Wilson, SS, LAA 19. WAS - Logan Davidson, SS, OAK 20. NYM via SEA - Alek Manoah, P, TOR 21. CLE - George Kirby, P, SEA 22. CHC - Greg Jones, SS, TB 23. LAD via ATL - Quinn Priester, P, PIT 24. BOS - Sammy Siani, OF, PIT Round 2 1. NYM - Tyler Callihan, 2B/3B, CIN 2. HOU - Braden Shewmake, SS, ATL 3. DET via TB - Michael Toglia, 1B, COL 4. CHC via SFG - Jackson Rutledge, P, WAS 5. ATL via LAD - Daniel Espino, P, CLE 6. MIN - Zack Thompson, RHP, STL 7. MIL - Brennan Malone, P, Ari 8. BOS via BAL - Gunnar Henderson, SS, BAL 9. NYY - Matthew Lugo, SS, BOS 10. TOR - Kyle Stowers, OF, BAL 11. CIN - Trejyn Fletcher, OF, STL 12. PHI - Chase Strumpf, 2B, CHC 13. DET via SD - Rece Hinds, 3B, CIN 14. COL - Matt Allan, P, NYM 15. TEX - Brady McConnell, SS, KCR 16. DET - Dasan Brown, OF, TOR 17. CHW - Matt Wallner, OF, MIN 18. PIT - J.J. Goss, P, TB 19. WAS - Logan Wyatt, 1B, SFG 20. NYM via SEA - Kyren Paris, SS, LAA 21. SFG via CLE - T.J. Sikema, P, NYY 22. CHC - Hudson Head, OF, SDP 23. MIL via LAD via ATL - Nasim Nunez, SS, MIA 24. BOS - Seth Johnson, RHP, TB Round 3 1. NYM - Jordan Brewer, OF, HOU 2. HOU - Ryan Garcia, P, TEX 3. NYY via MIL via TB - Joshua Mears, OF, SD 4. CLE via SFG - Grae Kessinger, SS, HOU 5. SFG via LAD - Drey Jamenson, P, ARI 6. MIN - Matt Canterino, P, MIN 7. LAD via MIL - Blake Walston, P, ARI 8. BAL - Noah Song, RHP, BOS 9. SFG via NYY - Ryan Jensen, P, CHC 10. SD via TOR - Evan Fitterer, RHP, MIA 11. CIN - Jack Kochanowicz, RHP, LAA 12. PHI - Anthony Volpe, SS, NYY 13. SD - Korey Lee, C, HOU 14. COL - Josh Wolf, RHP, NYM 15. TEX - Davis Wendzel, 3B, TEX 16. DET - Drew Mendoza, 3B, WAS 17. CHW - Graeme Stinson, LHP, TB 18. PIT - Brandon Williamson, P, SEA 19. WAS - Nick Quintana, 3B, DET 20. NYM via SEA - Jimmy Lewis, P, LAD 21. MIL via CLE - Aaron Schunk, 3B, COL 22. SFG via CHC - Josh Smith, 2B, NYY 23. ATL - Cameron Cannon, 3B, BOS 24. BOS - Ethan Small, LHP, MIL Round 4 1. CLE via NYM - Kendall Williams, P, TOR 2. HOU - Andrew Dalquist, RHP, CHW 3. LAD via TB - Ryan Pepiot, P, LAD 4. SFG - Tommy Henry, LHP, ARI 5. TEX via LAD - Matthew Thompson, P, CHW 6. MIN - Isaiah Campbell, RHP, SEA 7. LAD via MIL - Jamari Baylor, SS, PHI 8. BAL - Nick Kahle, C, MIL 9. NYY - Kyle McCann, C, OAK 10. TOR - Bryce Ball, 1B, ATL 11. SFG via CIN - Logan Driscoll, C, SD 12. PHI - Colin Barber, OF, HOU 13. SD - Matt Brash, RHP, SD 14. COL - Alec Marsh, P, KC 15. TEX - Bryant Packard, OF/1B, DET 16. MIL via DET - Erik Miller, P, PHI 17. CHW - Glenallen Hill Jr., SS, ARI 18. PIT - Matt Gorski, OF, PIT 19. PIT via WAS - Jake Sanford, OF, NYY 20. SEA - Spencer Steer, SS, MIN 21. MIL via CLE - Will Holland, SS, MIN 22. SFG via CHC - Matt Fraizer, OF, PIT 23. ATL - Dominic Fletcher, OF, ARI 24. BOS - Joseph Naranjo, 1B, CLE Round 5 1. PIT via NYM - Grant Gambrell, SP, KC 2. HOU - Matt Cronin, P, WAS 3. TB - John Doxakis, P, TB 4. SFG - Zach Watson, OF, BAL 5. LAD - Peyton Burdick, OF, MIA 6. MIN - Ryne Nelson, RHP, ARI 7. MIL - Drew Parrish, LHP, KC 8. ATL via BAL - Antoine Kelly, LHP, MIL 9. MIL via NYY - James Beard, OF, CHW 10. LAD via TOR - Jack Kenley, SS, DET 11. CIN - Noah Murdock, RHP, KC 12. CIN via PHI - Hunter Gaddis, RHP, CLE 13. SD - Brenton Doyle, OF, COL 14. COL - Will Robertson, OF, TOR 15. LAD via SFG via TEX - Brandon Lewis, 3B, LAD 16. MIL via DET - Drew Millas, C, OAK 17. NYM via CHW - Dilan Rosario, SS, SF 18. PIT - Tony Locey, P, STL 19. WAS - Tyler Fitzgerald, SS, SFG 20. SEA - Austin Shenton, 3B, SEA 21. CHC via SFG via CLE - Yordys Valdes, SS, CLE 22. SFG via CHC - Justin Slaten, RHP, TEX 23. ATL - Ryan Zeferjahn, RHP, BOS 24. SFG via BOS - Levi Stoudt, RHP, SEA Round 6 1. NYM - Vaughn Grissom, SS/3B, ATL 2. HOU - Erik Rivera, P, LAA 3. TB - Tyler Baum, P, OAK 4. SFG - Evan Edwards, 1B, MIA 5. ATL via LAD - Stephen Paolini, OF, ATL 6. MIN - Matthew Barefoot, OF, HOU 7. SFG via TB via MIL - J.C. Flowers, P, PIT 8. BAL - Josh Burggman, P, CHC 9. SFG via NYY - Tim Elliot, P, SEA 10. BOS via TOR - Cody Bradford, LHP, Tex 11. CIN - Ethan Hearn, C, CHC 12. SFG via PHI - Micheal Massey, 2B, KC 13. SD - Tanner Morris, SS, TOR 14. COL - Jacob Wallace P, COL 15. TEX - Andre Lipcius, 3B, DET 16. DET - Ivan Johnson, 2B, CIN 17. CHW - Beau Phillip, SS, ATL 18. PIT - Christian Cairo, SS, CLE 19. WAS - Marcus Smith, OF, OAK 20. CHW via SEA - Karl Kaufmann, P, COL 21. CHC via CLE - Hunter Brown, P, HOU 22. BAL via CHC - Jake Mangum, OF, NYM 23. SFG via ATL - Joseph Ortiz, SS, BAL 24. BOS - Trevor McDonald, RHP, SF