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  1. Raiders defense isn't exactly the Steel Curtain... D-Train was out there because game was over and they're already down Darrel, Damien. They can't afford for Shady to get hurt...
  2. CMC, NE Def, Lamar Jax But gotta be Lamar Jackson. CMC was a top 5 pick at worst. Lamar leads the league in scoring and drafted waaaay later if drafted at all. He's a league winner like Mahomes was last year.
  3. How is drafting 2 injury-prone players a great strategy? 😂 Will Green or Fuller reach out to the other to make sure at least one of them is healthy for you?
  4. I have Bears DEF in all 5 leagues... snatched up the following for next week in each league: Texans (vs Dal), Panthers (vs NYG) x2, Rams (drafted them and picked up Bears after week1), hoping to pick up either Browns (vs Bal) or Panthers again.
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