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  1. [...] Just can’t quit the franimal, I think he’s primed for a big season.
  2. Sitting on 128 ABs with one game remaining. Pretty big NA keeper ramifications, BENCH HIM PLEASE.
  3. Hope he gets ABs next year, he produces when he actually gets to play.
  4. Cavan Biggio must have be a genetic freak when it comes to Vitamin D levels, lmao. Almost like doctor's can prescribe a pill to help boost Vitamin D, if only...
  5. 21/9/24 batting .296/.995 with a sb over the last 30. Just absolutely killing it lately.
  6. Helping some playoff teams out today for those who stuck with him.
  7. You do realize if you pro rate those stats that’s a 160 run/32hr/96rbi season, right? Never mind the fact a 10 game sample size is tiny and every player will have dry spells, especially rookies. And even in yordan’s dry spell he’s pacing 260 runs/rbis, idk if any manager would want those kind of stats from their slumping slugger...
  8. No one has a clue. Just have to hope their FO decides they need to stop ******** around and field their best team so the As don’t snipe their wildcard spot.
  9. Got the call. 19HR/22SB in 99 games between AA and AAA with solid slash numbers. He hit .347 in high A last year with 4hr/11sb in 66 games and appears to be in the midst of a power breakout. Someone to monitor or stash and see if you have bench space, power and speed with an average that shouldn't hurt you is always intriguing. No clue what the playing time situation will be, however.
  10. Things I definitely didn’t expect from Nick Ahmed this week after picking him up last week: 4 dingers and 11 RBIs. En fuego.
  11. Was going to say I can already tell this was a wasted pickup, good stuff STL. They even alluded to him getting inconsistent playing time when mentioning calling him up before it was official, shoulda known better.
  12. Always worth a flier if you have roster space for a guy with 15hr/20sb potential with room for more if things fall right.
  13. Really hate myself for not shipping him off last offseason in my keeper league. Ughhhhhhhhh