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  1. This. He's still heavily involved and he's still incredibly talented. He got narrowly missed in the end-zone 2-3 times. He's going to be fine. Steelers D is also looking like junk so far so there's a lot of 40+ attempt games for Ben coming.
  2. Looks like 100 catches is well within reach, but 6-8 TDs is also looking more than likely.
  3. Just wanted to stop by to pay my respects. What a season. Thought I was getting a reliable but un-sexy 3B/SS. Instead he's looking to possibly crack the over on 30 HRs, 100 RBI, 100 Rs, 50 2Bs, 10 SBs, and a .300 average. Wow.
  4. He's like the MLB version of Anthony Davis -- when he plays you know his production is going to be next-level but you always expect some type of weird, minor, nagging injury to crop up. Luckily he can provide a week's worth of production in 4-5 games with regularity.
  5. Investing in Quintana and Darvish has not made for a fun first couple weeks of the season.
  6. 200 innings would be incredible, not that I'm holding my breath. What do we think his K floor is if he pitched 200 innings? 250? 260?
  7. Place your Betts, my friends. Looking locked in at the top of a dangerous lineup.
  8. 7 pitches in the 1st and then 62 pitches to get the next 5 outs. Unreal.
  9. When Darvish, Quintana, and McCullers combine for 0.67 points in a week, you know you are in trouble. EDIT: And now Godley with 5 walks through 2.1 when he had 1 walk through 12 IP coming in...
  10. Quintana and Darvish throwing BP for the Cubs so far this season.
  11. I saw that as well. Really hoping he's OK for the rest of this week.
  12. That's my hope -- looked like he just lost his footing in a tussle and sort of slid down. Didn't look like particularly hard contact at all. Will be surprised if this is anything substantial.
  13. OBJ with a dislocated finger. Guy's all banged up.
  14. Goff is for real. Can't tell you how refreshing it is as a long suffering Rams fan. He'll have his struggles but he looks poised and accurate, and McVay has done wonders with the playcalling.
  15. Proving he's matchup proof. Elite talent for sure.