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  1. Noel isn’t a stash IMO. He should be owned regardless as he carries plenty of value. Nance and Wood are the only two that stick out. Nurkic and Porter should occupy any vacant IL spots.
  2. Please just don’t listen to anything Rotoworld editors posts if you want to win your league.
  3. Imagine missing out on hot free agents or streams to win your matchup to hold this cat because of rotoworlds hard on.
  4. I mean, you can drop him now honestly. Markieff Morris is a better own right now.
  5. So, you play in a league with people who know their shite. That’s a good thing. Leagues where people trade a top 20 player for Powell are trash. Besides, holding onto Powell and possibly getting the last laugh is way sweeter.
  6. Hopefully it’s just a little soreness/stiffness and it’s a precautionary sit.
  7. I was at the Pelicans game last night and he had the heat pad on his back anytime he was on the bench, so there’s that.
  8. Culver is the better add. They are committed to him and he’s only been getting better.
  9. The real issue is KAT returning. KAT going to get his, so maybe less shots for Culver. Have to hope for stocks.
  10. If Kyrie is healthy, he’s not a must own. It’s really that simple. His skill set is more suited for points leagues and he even sucks there. So I’m not optimistic for his ROS outlook. His ownership numbers are based off name only at this point. Expect them to drop.
  11. Murray is likely out weeks with an ankle sprain. We know Morris will start, but more run for MPJ?
  12. Everything back to normal with Drummond out there. It’s pretty cut and dry this guy has no value with Drummond there. Frustrating but it is what it is.
  13. This is only true with opportunity. Drummond is blocking his opportunity. If Drummond goes, this can be revisited.