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  1. Even with the minutes restriction, they will still be better than the rest of the FA on 14 team league up.
  2. It is believed the best case scenario is that NBA hiatus will last until mid-to-late JUNE! via Woj If that is the case, guys like Bagley, Isaac, Oubre to name a few is a must pick up.
  3. Would you drop Tucker for someone like Bruce Brown/Ariza? I'll try to use my waiver to get them if I can
  4. I am currently 4th on a 18 team league H2H. Here is my team: PG - Stephen Curry, Collin Sexton SG - Bradley Beal, Buddy Hield, Seth Curry SF - Robert Covington PF - PJ Tucker, Christian Woods C - Nikola Vucevic, Brook Lopez, Nerlens Noel, Aaron Baynes I assessing my team and what I can see is I am lacking rebounds and overloaded on Pts and 3pts and also weak in assist even though I got a lot of guards. What do you guys think I should do and who is probably my dropable player?
  5. Thoughts? Will you guys drop Nerlens Noel for Cam Johnson?
  6. Good addition by the young Griz team. Justise is serve. Don't get too excited, just Winslow.
  7. I spread out my hands to you my Lord; I thirst for your st3cks like a parched land.
  8. We only have 1 hour and 10 minutes before the deadline right?
  9. I am punting assist so I am just looking for overall value. Go with Wood?
  10. 18 team H2H and needs to sit 2 players. PJ Tucker, WCS and Wood. I'm leaning on sitting both Tucker and WCS. Will you do the same and start Wood?
  11. I would accept either if you really needed help in SG.
  12. I am on a n 18 team league H2H and I'm punting assist. I currently owned Vucevic but someone offered me his Ayton. Would you accept it?
  13. Trying to deal Beal for a Bigman. Siakam? Ayton? Who else? I am punting assist and dealing him for a Bigman will strengthen my build but will hurt on pts 3pts. Thoughts?
  14. Yea. It's just my assumption. I think they would want a PG in return if they deal Covington and it is definitely an upgrade from Napier. Low usage and is a very good defender.