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  1. I was slated to matchup with the number 8 seed this week but then his matchup got overturned and he lost due to a stat correction. My league has playoff reseeding and now I am matched up with the Lamar owner πŸ˜ƒ
  2. For comparison, last week he got a limited practice in on Thursday and full practice on Friday. Everyone seems confident he will be there on Sunday though, [...]
  3. I read somewhere he lines up mostly on the left and will be covered by Jimmy Smith.
  4. Hate to do it but I am also sitting him tonight.
  5. Kenny G is great with contested catches; the more targets the better IMO.
  6. Wow that is tough, hard to trust Lockett this week as he's been the true definition of boom and bust. I believe Seattle with dominate with running the ball so game script may not be in his favor if he doesn't get a TD early. I'd rank them how you have them in that order but very close between Lockett and Robby.
  7. 0.5 PPR, who should I roll out in my flex? Robby Anderson or Anthony Miller? Leave a link and I'll return the favor, thanks.
  8. Robby looks like he's starting another strong end to his season. How confident are you guys rolling him out there against the Ravens?
  9. Am I crazy to think about stashing for next week against the Dolphins? [...]
  10. So he's going to blow up this week on everyone's bench this week. Then he will be a must start next week against Detroit only to get benched for another missed blitz pickup.
  11. Save me some πŸ˜‘ Thought I struck gold with this guy. Everything seemed to line up for a great finish to the season, that Carolina game seems so long ago.
  12. Looks like I'll be rolling with Bo as my RB2 for the playoffs. Not exciting but I believe will provide a solid floor over the likes of Tevin Coleman and Ronald Jones.
  13. πŸ€” Well that sucks lol. Obviously can’t predict results but I still feel like I made the right decision given the information I had at the time. Hopefully he can keep rollin through the playoffs
  14. Rollin with Robby Anderson over him this week