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  1. He is frustrating to have on your team...bums you out then when you are about fed up he does something well finally and then you keep him and he gets hurt...rinse repeat...I like Shogo or maybe Winker better as far as Reds go for OFs or DHs... I would much rather roll the dice on a Dylan Carlson or a Sammy Hilliard regarding universal DH beneficiaries...
  2. Its either Swanson! Or Swan song for Dansby this season...
  3. Its a great point...though I still think that Grandal can have a major plus impact on this young stud arm...as a mentor coach teammate and get him in a strong frame of mind to harness his skills...
  4. Agreed ...hidden gem gettin brighter every year...got him in like rd 16 of 22...with all the depth at SS he is a fantastic nab rd there...
  5. Not right to punish when no crime was committed...
  6. Luis Robert...2020...ROY...2020...MVP...
  7. Soon enough we will begin our Championship run this year! Stay safe!
  8. Luis Robert La Pantera The Next Mike Trout Luis Robert 2020 ROY/MVP
  9. Love Cecil Loved makin fun of Jaba Chamberlain even more
  10. Kruky all day Papi 4 ever Panda stole the Sox money to buy more lunch so he's off the team... David Wells...the man...