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  1. Someone redpill me on this guy 2 TDS this week Dissly is gone A former "baby Gronk" What is not to love?
  2. I’m up against Damian Williams... is he even playing?
  3. Both the Ravens D and Cowboys D are sitting on my waivers Ive got an open roster spot Which one do I grab?
  4. Floor: Austin Ekler (2018) Ceiling: LaDainian Tomlinson (2006)
  5. DO NOT SELL DIGGS - DO NOT SELL DIGGS You are selling too early His next three are NICE: @Det, WSH, @KC He will go off again in AT least one of those games When he has two or three BIG games on the season everyone will value him as a WR1 THAT is when you sell
  6. I'm glad someone had the cajones to start this thread. You have to think at SOME point Walton has the starting job.
  7. I'm also thinking of going for him.... It is such a tough call but I kinda like Bell with Darnold back. Chubbs' easy playoff schedule is the only thing holding me back
  8. Because Id rather own him over Vance McDonald, OJ Howard, Jared Cook Or Delanie Walker Take a look at his stats in the second half of last year: Low end TE1 Take a look at his schedule: Miami 2xs, Cincy, Washington, Oakland No BYE Darnold comes back GO GET HIM NOW
  9. It’s simple He’s a TE 1 who does not have a bye week Even if you have a TE you pick Herndon up
  10. The bloke from yahoo who ranked Chubb #1 overall might of been onto something...
  11. Chris Harris has him as his number one buy low i just swapped him for Fitz
  12. Saying he hasn't played anyone is NOT AN ARGUMENT. He has the easiest upcoming schedule I have ever seen. Cincy 2x, Cle 2x, SF, NY Jets ITS like a SCHMORGESBORG of cupcakes
  13. This dude is an instant drop 9 yards on 5 carries this year. how can anyone justify rostering him?
  14. I love JJ. He had a 70 yard TD called back last week. Hold him he can break out soon. Higher ceiling