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  1. Might be an unpopular opinion, but if it's a 50 games season and 3 divisions of 10...I'm just not interested in baseball this summer. Whichever team that wins the World Series this year will always have a "But" or an asterisk next to its name. I don't think I'd be interested in watching.
  2. He's underpaid, and certainly deserves to be one of the higher paid TEs in the league, if not the highest. Certainly he deserves more money than Austin Hooper. But for his agent to say Kittle doesn't care what the tight end market is, but he's looking for more. The heck? Is that how it works? He wants to be paid $20 million a year because he wants WR money? I guess the line is blurred, he's as productive as some of the top WRs. But again, is that how this market works?
  3. Minshew was great at hitting him down the field. For sure will be a target of mine, but I'm afraid he'll be hyped up by the time the fall rolls around. He's "this year's DJ Moore".
  4. Even dumber of Freeman to turn down the $4M. How much does he think he will get? He was awful last year, barely played due to injury the year before, and had an opportunity to join a team where the starter has a fumbling problem and the backup is recovering from major surgery? Yet he thinks he’s better than that? Good luck.
  5. This seems like a case of the OP having weak keeper options and trying to will this guy into becoming relevant.
  6. I think we're all just bored and wanting sports and coming up with crazy ideas. As many have said, it's MUCH harder to find an above average RB than an above average WR. If you're on the turn and you want to lock up Tyreek/Julio because you're not in love with Josh Jacobs, Ekeler, or Aaron Jones, then fine, that makes absolute sense. But then to force yourself to pick the best TE in round 3? In a 14 teamer, that's Mark Andrews, since Kelce and Kittle will be gone if you're picking around pick 40. Your team will crumble unless some of your RBs hit, but that's just like anything else. I'd hate to have to rely on a satellite 5-8 touch guy as one of my RBs. Sure, he might be fantasy gold if the starter is injured? But if not? You're looking at a weekly headache.
  7. This team is awful. Tight end is deep, so you don’t really hurt other teams as much as you think by picking Andrews. Hate the Dak pick in the fourth as well given what you had so far. Either go strong for another WR or take your first RB there. Why must you stick to the 6th round and later rule? All of your RBs are unreliable. And the advantage you think you gain by this strategy doesn’t outweigh the disadvantage at your RBs.
  8. Maybe taking sides is wrong here, because they’re both wrong. As you said, I’m most pissed off by his tactless comments.In March, he suggested that the “‘Rona” was being hyped up in the media and it wasn’t really a big deal. Guess he now doesn’t think it’s a hoax? He said he’s not going to play for nothing. Well, if the season doesn’t go, he’ll get $300K. But at least he won’t be risking life and death sitting in the bullpen 4 out of 5 days.
  9. I’m quite frankly shocked at how much these boards always side with entitled multimillionaires. Same point of view was discussed when Le’Veon Bell was holding out. Yes, I agree their battle is with the owners, and these billionaire owners should be responsible for making up the shortfall if there is any, not the players. My point is: In times like these where people are losing their lives daily, families are going hungry because of lost jobs, and the world is more stressful than ever before, players should think before they speak. Not everyone is fortunate to play a kid’s game for $7M a year, let alone $3.5M, or gosh, maybe $2.5M. Don’t make it sound like walking out on the mound is a risky profession that is life and death. Being a baseball player is not anywhere close to being front line and a first responder. There’s lots of struggling people in this world right now- physically, emotionally, and financially. They don’t need to hear this entitled brat speak.
  10. Uh, lots of ER doctors at major health systems who are literally risking death every day are being asked to take paycuts. But I get it, just because doctors might be getting shafted doesn’t mean that millionaires should be shafted as well. But his comments to me come across as tone deaf. Let the players association reps battle it out. Yes, don’t accept that unfair paycut. But keep your mouth shut and don’t look like an entitled brat.
  11. I don’t play fantasy baseball, so don’t know if this is the right place to put this, but I’m infuriated with the comments by Blake Snell today. He’s scheduled to make $7 million for this year. He said if they play half a schedule, he still expects to be paid $7M and not a prorated amount. How ludicrous is that?! He says that he still has to pay taxes on that amount and it’s just not worth it to him. Bro, you are playing half the games, so half the work, and on a per game basis, it’s the same amount. (Of course if owners get their way and make the players take a reduction for reduced ballpark/television revenue that’s a different story.) He said that he would be “risking his life” to play, and at that reduced salary it’s unreasonable. Uh.... he’s playing a game with ball players who probably would be tested on a weekly if not daily basis. There’s likely no fans in the stands. Yet he’s risking his life for pennies? Tell that to all the young ER medical residents in training who are on the front lines, with at times inadequate protection, and making less than what this stooge makes in two games (Snell makes $43K a game for 162 games), only one of which he may actually be pitching. What an entitled self-centered a$$.
  12. Wow, watching that one clip where he's looking like he's wearing concrete boots coming out of the backfield at a half trot is just scary.
  13. Haha, I don't twitter, but I have a feeling he'll have a lot of requests. This guy is going to be a beast.
  14. What's this guy's secret? Great conditioning? Good genes? Undeniable work ethic? Awesome teammate? Serious question. He might not be lighting the league on fire anymore, but in a league where most RBs don't make it past 30, he's managed to stick around and always find work. Agree though with the sentiment that he's useless in fantasy and he'll only be a drain on Le'Veon or whoever ends up being Jets RB1.
  15. I'm getting to keep him for the cheap, so I don't mind getting a free space at WR. But I don't think I'd want to rely on him as my fantasy team's WR1. Don't anticipate the passing volume in this offense to go up, so that's obviously a damper on his outlook. What saved him last year was his amazing efficiency in terms of YPC and TDs scored. Most will say there is regression to the mean. That would be a buzzkill for his fantasy value. That said, he's got great athleticism, and all it takes his one view of highlights where he takes a simple slant to the house and showcasing his power and speed to get you enthused about him. I'm glad to have him on my team for this upcoming season, but I'll surely want another high volume guy to help stabilize the position.