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  1. Misconception or not, it would seem to be proper strategy when the RB is clearly the better talent than the QB. So was it Mariota that has been holding Henry back all this time?
  2. Did Tyreek Hill really just pretend like he was a dog and urinate? WTF? Didn't some college kid get a penalty during some game recently for that and it cost his team the win? Hill's got enough image issues, it just seems immature and senseless. Maybe I'm completely off and just being an old man about this. I don't understand why other teams couldn't stop Derrick Henry. Stack 8 in the box and make Tannehill beat you. Make him throw more than 15 times in a game. Why is that hard to understand for these other teams that have been unsuccessful.
  3. He might have produced a ton of yardage and I think 30 or so fantasy points, but he obviously can’t do it all by himself. I think the Titans are mapping the key to stopping the Ravens. Bend but don’t break. Give up the short yardage catches (doesn’t help that they don’t have any consistent guys that could stretch the field- John Brown would have helped). Spy on Lamar.
  4. Titans were 75-1 odds to win the Super Bowl at the start of playoffs. Wish I put down some striped Ss on them...
  5. Kind of shocked. They rushed to Judgment in my opinion. Was this guy such a hot commodity that they couldn't have gone through all the other options first? How many times has a Special Teams coach been elevated to head coach and be successful? I honestly have no idea.
  6. I doubt he goes top 5 next year in PPR but if he is available at the end of the first, I’m going to snag him. The argument against him will be that he is TD dependent as he isn’t involved in the passing game, but if he’s getting it 20-25 times a game, he’s got a good chance to score each game.
  7. Wow all those DFS entries that stacked Saints are going down in flames. Everybody playing like poop.
  8. Wow surprised they didn’t give Edelman a chance to return that.
  9. And just like that, they’re where they would have been on a Titans missed field goal attempt or failed 4th down.
  10. Gilmore injured. Do we finally get to see AJ Brown? Or do the Titans just continue to run it down their throat?
  11. Amazing series by Henry. Carrying the team on his back.
  12. Pats are playing like they have one higher gear than the Titans. So many chunk plays. Just can't win against them if you're going to allow that.
  13. Wish they would have run more of those jet sweeps with Edelman during the season when I owned him. Ah, I don't follow the Pats that closely. Just seems like the Pats wouldn't want the GOAT to leave, but I guess in the end it's a business. If Joe Montana can end his career as a Chief and Brett Favre as a Jet and Viking, I suppose anything is possible. Brady's skills have clearly declined though, but he'd still be better than what some of these trash teams have right now.
  14. Love the thread title. Does anyone really think that Brady is going to leave? Or retire? Or that the Pats would cut him? Why all the talk about how this could be last game in Foxborough? Pats have no viable replacement. And I don’t see Brady starting over with the Chargers. Tanny is money. Sitting on the bench for the beginning of the season, pressure taken off, playing in smaller’s done him good. Is Gilmore erasing AJ Brown? I haven’t seen Tanny even look his way yet.
  15. Yeah puzzling indeed. WTF. Refs need to figure out where the spot is. Booth review is needed.