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  1. Well, yes, that's exactly why they haven't published anything. They want to be able to change things up and make decisions as they see fit depending on circumstances. It's quite ridiculous that today's game was postponed 7 days. And now it alters next week's schedule. From a fantasy perspective, it's delayed waiver claims, made it a gamble to rely on anyone from today's game, etc. Agree on this that the NFL wants stars. They want big rivalries. It's clear however that this isn't Lamar's year. But yes, he's one of the top stars and the NFL wants these guys to go toe to toe for years, especially now that the Brady-Brees era is ending. Aaron Rodgers doesn't move the needle like he used to. This is a young man's game now. I don't however think that they delayed the game to try to get Lamar and company back on the field. I really do think they delayed because they knew it wasn't safe but they didn't want to cancel because it screws everything else up. They couldn't possibly delay it any longer than today since Thursday is typically the start of the next week and that would just be ridiculous if the game were to be played tomorrow but still be week 12.
  2. I never got the "NFL loves Lamar and the Ravens and are favoring them" angle. If anything, the league should want the Steelers to run the table because it looks good for the league and adds excitement in the quest to match the 1972 Fins. I think what most people are upset/annoyed about is that the game wasn't being postponed for the ratings, Lamar, etc. It was clearly being postponed in the interest of player safety. Yet EVERYTHING the league does re Covid doesn't seem to be in the interest of player safety. If so, everybody would be quarantined for 10 days and the game would have been cancelled. What's interesting is that the NFL has never been explicitly clear about their Covid protocols in terms of how they decide when games are postponed. There is no threshold of minimum players. There's no "if positive tests within x amount of days" rule. It basically feels like the league office is saying "we'll know it when we see it" in terms of recognizing what situations warrant postponing and what don't. I think everybody is fed up with the decisions that just seem to be made up on the fly.
  3. After that crapfest, I need a drink in each hand and a cozy blanket as I watch the Rockefeller tree lighting to forget what I just saw.
  4. I need Gus to seize this backfield, and JK and Ingram to remain at home for the rest of the season.
  5. Agree. An ok option that you never feel great about putting into your lineup and one that certainly won't make your opponent quiver for a week staring at him there. I only see that happening if DJ is split out wide. Deshaun doesn't throw to his backs. How bad must a concussion be to immediately get put on IR for 3 weeks? And then still not be able to come back? Seems like some guys get concussed and then clear protocol magically to play the next week. Allen Robinson is the most recent one I can think of. Keep asking neurologists to evaluate you until you find one that says you're fine! (I'm kidding, I know that's not how it works...)
  6. This isn’t a Covid epidemiology forum, but it’s been pretty much proven that masks protect both the wearer and others from transmission either way. Period. And again, I’m not a sports physiologist. ESPN used to have that nerdy science guy who would have little segments on players and performance and physics. It would be interesting to see what impact a mask really does have. To just say, “exercising with a mask is crazy and stupid” is simplistic and putting on blinders. What do you want to bet that some players will get infected if this game is played?
  7. Of course wearing a mask is awkward. But do you think if Patrick Mahomes wears a mask, he turns into Mitchell Trubisky? I’m sure the guy could still sling it 60 yards with accuracy. So your performance goes from 100% to maybe make up a number 90%? We’d have to get some sports physiologists to figure it out for sure. This Ravens team is infected. If the players are negative, doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be asymptomatic and brewing an infection. I’d for sure wear a mask around any of these guys.
  8. They're probably Ubering right now... So because the nasal swab PCR tests take about 24 hours, they're going to the rapid point of care tests. Which have been shown to be inaccurate. Not sure how they think these new ones are going to be any better than the ones used previously - let's see some data. At this point, I think the league wouldn't care if you gave them 10 year old pregnancy tests to use. "OK, you're all negative, good to go!" If I was a Steelers player - or a Ravens player for that matter - I'd wear a mask while playing. I think it's silly to think that your performance is going to be decreased significantly while wearing a mask. We all know you can still breathe while wearing one.
  9. Hmm. Seems like that's 3 to me? Thursday, Friday, Saturday? OK, so in my league case, unless we vote to change the settings, players won't be available until Monday morning. But that's what he is. He's certainly not a QB. I take it you started him? My condolences. Any ESPN commishes have instances of people leaving Taysom Hill in at the TE position? Haven't heard much outrage on the forums about it lately. I think it if it weren't for Taysom Hill, Hinton wouldn't have been 21% started this past weekend.
  10. Ah. Yeah, I just looked in league settings and it says waiver period is 2 days. Could have sworn that this entire season, waivers process Wednesday morning, and those dropped players weren't available to anybody until Saturday morning, but maybe I've just not realized it.
  11. Any commish having people ask them about Yahoo waivers? Not slated to run until Friday morning, which means those people dropped during waiver pickups wouldn't become available until Monday morning?! Anybody adjusting for this? Seems pretty bad of Yahoo to do this. Not understanding why waivers couldn't run Thursday.
  12. Ravens unsurprisingly have no positive tests today on Tuesday... Hmm....
  13. Same. Will have to wait for the snap counts, but I'm guessing it's pretty even. 6 targets for Great Scott, 5 catches for 40. Miles 3 targets, 2 for 7. Wentz seems to ignore Sanders for dumpoffs but looks for Scott.
  14. Is Travis Fulgham a drop? Is every Eagles a drop except Goedert?
  15. 3rd and 10. Let's throw it behind the line of scrimmage and see if great Scott can get 10. When is Wentz's contract done? This guy is going to be a clipboard holder.