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  1. What are yall smoking. Never do a 2 for 1 if you're not getting the best player. In this case, don't do this trade as Lowry is an injury waiting to happen (look at his minutes over the month of December)
  2. Curious how frustrated you Kawhi owners are. I got offered Kawhi for my Jrue, thinking it's because the owner is fed up with random missed games.
  3. He's absolutely oblivious when it comes to knowing what it means for his team when he's in foul trouble. The fouls he commits are flat out terrible and unnecessary, it's like he doesn't know how to shy away from body contact what so ever. Crazy frustrating watching him.
  4. He's still committing silly fouls, but it's clear he's got the talent both ways. I think he'll flirt with top-50 numbers rest of the way, where next year is where we really see him take a giant leap into a top-25 player
  5. I didn't watch the game, and while being scoreless is shocking - only 11 shot attempts is unacceptable. If he doesn't come out on Wednesday guns out blazing against the Kings on Wednesday...
  6. Pretty crazy everytime I check the box score I'm looking at the amount of fouls he's gotten. But I'd be thrilled if he can start to turn it around and atleast maintain top-50 value.
  7. 0 points from my 1st round pick? Is that really a thing? I went with Jojo over Lillard on draft day with #7 and it's becoming more and more crystal clear I made a really bad mistake.
  8. No longer playing like a sell high. Gonna sit back and enjoy the ride
  9. He needs to improve his attitude and just play ball. He's so worried about being benched but yet he's stupid enough to keep picking up dumb ticky tack fouls. I spent a 32nd pick on him this year in a highly competitive league. I'm disappointed but I also remember he started out terrible last year too.
  10. Literally no one is hyping him. It's a dart at upside. Minutes is key but nobody should trust Jim Boylan.
  11. I think when I was tuning in, the important thing was he was playing C next to Lauri. He's not gonna overtake WC, but he looks like he can definitely give Kornet a run for his minutes. I took a flier on him because I had someone to drop, but I'm ready to move on if he gets a DNP next game. His energy and speed fits today's NBA, and he was pretty explosive tearing up the G league before getting assigned back to the Bulls. We'll see what happens.
  12. He's very immature, lets his poor play and fouls gets to him QUICKLY. If it's anything he needs to learn from the other young guys like Morant and Clarke... just play hard and play smart. He doesn't even need to lead the team in points. He's trying to force the issue. Good thing is he started out flat last year like this as well.