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  1. Played diamond dynasty last night with the lineup of C - Yadier Molina 1B - Prince Fielder 2B - My created player (Put him to 257 pounds, the heaviest I could make him) 3B - Pablo Sandoval SS - Jhonny Peralta CF - Dave Winfield LF - Matt Holiday RF - Evan Gattis Starting Pitcher - Fatolo Colon I ended up winning the game 5-3 with home runs from Holiday, my created player, and jhonny peralta. Funny though is that I had 4 errors in this game with sandoval overthrowing the ball to first base and prince fielder unable to jump high enough to get it, Matt Holiday dropping a fly ball twice, and Prince Fielder overthrowing the ball to home plate. I thoroughly believe it was because they are fat that I had so many errors, but still won. I'd pay to see Billy Butler at 2nd. COUNTRY BREAKFAST
  2. I saw Jumbo Diaz pitch for the Reds yesterday. His name suits him well.
  3. Is he really all that everyone is cracking him up to be? He's on the waiver wire in my main league. What are you offering?