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  1. Not seeing anything official but beat reporter agrees with you
  2. Arians on RoJo: "I don't have any trouble handing it to him 20-25 times and throwing it to him five or six. He can handle that load” (Article is pay-walled)
  3. I love this so much. I had AB that year and that gif was my team logo😂
  4. I agree.. but we can hope until they make it official.
  5. Oops... I did. But it was still just an estimation. The Philadelphia Eagles issued their second official injury report on Tuesday in advance of their Week 7 Thursday Night Football game against the New York Giants. Note that this report is merely an estimation because the Eagles held a walkthrough instead of a real practice.
  6. The entire Eagles team didn't practice today. Today's injury report was estimated.
  7. Not shocked at all. I'd rather him come back when ready and not pull a Saquon from last year.
  8. Could you post a link or share where you heard him say that? I'm not seeing anything on Jeff's twitter feed. Thanks.
  9. I don't think it's reason for concern. If he wasn't going to play why have him travel to NE
  10. I'm loving owning him this year. How we tracking against your prediction?
  11. After that lousy showing by Cheetah... I need 27 pts from K. Murray.