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  1. This tactic actually helps build credibility. I'll reject an offer if it's legit but not enough. When someone offers a borderline WR3-4 and a rental RB for the next two week's then I'll let it sit.
  2. Depends on the league. When joining a new league 90% of the offers are garbage bc the established members like to feel out your knowledge. If it's a league I've been in for years, with close friends, then I'll entertain offers bc it's typically legit. I've learned that fantasy is a lot like life, you have to have an established resume to not get low-balled lol.
  3. Completely wrong about this guy. Sending to the waivers this week in 2/3 leagues.
  4. A good example would be this week. Dallas DEF was available in all my leagues but I still avoided. They had an ideal matchup against WAS O but DAL DEF is so bad they made The Team look good.
  5. I've had the most success streaming the best available matchup week-to-week. I'll punt Def/ST in the draft and just select the best available week 1 matchup with my last pick. It allows me to take an extra flier in the mid to late rounds. This is the strategy I've used for years now. For context, across three leagues my avg weekly points, YTD 2020, for DEF/ST would land me the fifth-sixth best DEF/ST which I'm perfectly okay with in 12-14 teamers.
  6. Would love to see him holding a clipboard for Big Ben.
  7. I'm honestly relieved. There won't be anymore internal conflict on whether to start or sit Drake.
  8. Not to toot my own horn but.....what the heck, toot toot.