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  1. Is ESPN not going to count that TD against the 49ers D/ST?
  2. Washington seems like the pickup here over Richard. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Richard the 3rd down/ pass catching back? Wouldn’t expect his role to change much at all.
  3. Title says it all. Standard scoring format. Someone convince me who to start bc either choice feels like I’m picking poison. I have Washington as HC. If Jacobs is ruled out then I’d roll with him over Mack.
  4. It’s gotta be last year with Rams against the Vikings.
  5. Gone for me as well. This is a floor I don't want to deal with.
  6. Good lord, what's the time of possession this first half lol?
  7. I agree with the potential of a Thursday night stinker. Streaming them this week in spite of the matchup.
  8. If I were opponents, I would throw at the center of the field against the Steelers. Every. Single. Play. That dumbass defensive coordinator is never going to adjust his scheme.
  9. Finally get to watch a terrible Thursday night game with nothing at stake. Woo!
  10. Agree with the majority here. Dropping Preston for Brown is the move.
  11. Regardless of the circus, I have to accept this offer right? 12-team league .5 pt PPR.
  12. This honestly makes the most sense. No competitor will sign him. Tanking teams with lots of cap room with the $ to throw around is the only scenario that will work. It’s not like AB is going to take a discount.