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  1. 👍 winds are my biggest concern and 8-13 isn't bad, hoping for a high scoring game for all except Aaron Jones 😂
  2. FWIW I follow a few of the better industry experts - Pat Fitzmaurice has him #12 STD and #11 0.5 PPR. Waiting to see what Koerner has to say tomorrow (he ranked Fournette a Mid-RB2 last week and it worked out). This all makes sense considering he dominated carries and had 1 more target than McCoy + Vaughn combined, and he's playing against a bottom 3 run D with the head coach, DC and some other defensive assistants possibly out.
  3. He was back in, they showed him calling for a flag on the pass to claypool
  4. umm... what if the Steelers lose tonight? Their offense looks like ****
  5. Playing against BUF defense and I'm terrified of Drew Lock
  6. the app says - "This NFL Network game is only available to stream here using a cellular network due to rights restrictions. Please turn off Wi-Fi to watch"
  7. Yahoo app but you have to turn off wifi & use your data plan Fubotv, sign up for a 7 day free trial
  8. 2.8/34/0.8 in 5 games when MT was out earlier this year - definitely streamable
  9. Point taken. However 3 of the 4 games were competitive and when games aren't, like the Chicago & NE games, he's been disappointing. I don't think this game will be competitive.
  10. He’s ranked as a borderline wr1, but I’m concerned gamescript will be like last week with the Rams relying on the run and playing lights out defense. Essentially he’ll have 1/2 the game to accumulate stats... someone talk me out of benching him? 🙁
  11. Mostert and McKinnon were more than serviceable earlier in the season & Wilson had his own multiple TD games. If Wilson gets the backfield all to himself against DAL he'd be a low end RB1
  12. Monitoring: 27-8 mph winds in Cleveland 28-9 mph winds in Green Bay
  13. The game script took every saints pass catcher out of that game in the 2H. However, definitely concerned about the number of TE's and overall weapons on the team.. like who the f--- is Trautman?
  14. ^ knee injury first play on offense, Q to return
  15. The good news is that since he's not playing, it's unlikely he'll get injured during the game /s
  16. Fantasy football aside, I’d love to have Bell on my fav. team - Raiders, even if it means just keeping him away from KC. Our defense isn’t stopping anyone, might as well accumulate weapons b/c we’d be ****** if Jacobs were to get hurt.
  17. Roster 1 for ROS in 0.5pt PPR, 10 team league. Other receivers are Ridley, Woods and AJ Brown, due to other injuries I can use some immediate WR help. WHIR! 1. AJ Green 2. Justin Jefferson 3. Deebo Samuel
  18. Anyone concerned with Woods lining up against TreDavious White this week? Does anyone have insight on whether Kupp or Woods is more likely to be affected by TDW?
  19. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/435881-seahawks-jacob-hollister-all-systems-go/ cleared to play
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