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  1. I'm inclined to dropping him but something's telling me that is not the right move. He's producing when given minutes but and it might bite me back in the 2nd half of the season. I dont know.
  2. He's been playing great this past two games. Already has 3 threes and steals and its just the third quarter. Added him in all of my leagues
  3. Out for personal reasons. No injury announced
  4. I guess it depends on your situation. If you are sure that you will enter the playoffs, then he's a hold. But otherwise, you may want to look for an alternative.
  5. He is dismantling the Warriors singlehandedly. Wow.
  6. Punt assist 12 team Best Draft Pick: Buddy Hield at pick 90+ Worst Draft Pick: Ingram at pick 100+ Best Trade: I made only one trade this season. Drummond for Kemba Worst Trade: n/a Best Add: Elfrid Payton (lol some impatient manager dropped him) Drop You Regret: A lot because I'm also impatient. Siakam was the worst.
  7. Right point taken. It boils down on the fit in their team.
  8. Why would you even do that in the first place? Anyway to add into the conversation, his minutes are down compared to the first 4 games this season. I understand that its partly because of Bucks blowing up some games but is there a threat in his minutes?
  9. You're familiar from years back! Welcome back to the game!
  10. I'm just worried if all of this is sustainable. He's hitting 50% from three. Maybe sell high now?
  11. You can say that again. He's one my my last 3 picks in a 12 teamer. Now, if he could just improve his FT..
  12. Thank you so much, based Klay. My fantasy team needed this for so long.
  13. Middleton is a second rounder as well as Harris. Bledsoe should be off the board at early third. I believe Klay's ADP this season is around late 3rd - early 4th round? I can comfortably draft him in that position. Maybe you can notch one round higher if you have a punt assist build. He doesn't give you those popcorn stats but his elite % in high volume with 3 threes and 1 TO per game is very valuable. Those are already 4 out of the standard 9 categories.