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  1. right now we are at 6 teams 3 of those committed. i expect another three within the hours
  2. So i usually run alot of leagues on Yahoo with friends, pay leagues, and my friends run pay leagues too all with Yahoo I am trying to scrape together an NFL.COM playoff challenge league last minute. Winner takes all. It's with Paypal and for $50 you can come in but if you want to play for money, you'd have to exchange email info and talk to me, and know how to set your lineup with so hop in first and leave a comment below. ill be in contact for some details
  3. id like to join. is it too late?? how many have joined and paid. what are the details
  4. i have a seven year league that needs one more $100 Leaguesafe payment, you will see that when you go to pay. i had a manager drop out today. its YAHOO ITS YAHOO. great league. accepting first to pay by 9:15 pm eastern time. will be in contact you once you hope into league
  5. do you have any smaller leagues to join, price wise?