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  1. Yahoo has set a precedent where they will only add additional eligibility (in the middle of a season) and not remove eligibility. So that shouldn't be a concern. It can definitely be removed between seasons though.
  2. If Tucker or Butker slip later than expected I might grab one of them, otherwise K will be one of my last two picks. We don't allow managers to not draft a K in our league, so that isn't an option.
  3. These rankings are most similar to mine. I would move Fournette into the tier with Carson and put him behind Carson. This is all assuming Carson ends up being healthy by draft time. He healed very nicely from his last injury and his team has been vocal in support of him being the starter. I am not worried about Hyde (Penny insurance). Penny is even less of a concern for me (won't be ready to start the season and simply doesn't look as good during the games). Seattle runs enough to get some other guys involved, but it was clear that they preferred Carson. I'm willing to gamble on his health because he gets 20+ touches a game (and he's pretty efficient with them) and I don't see that changing. Fournette was near the top of the NFL in yards after contact behind a deplorable offensive line. Barring some additional news that comes out, I think he remains a workhorse back. I would also expect some TD regression (up) back to the mean. I think he and Carson are good value at their current ADP's and will be great values if the ADP's don't change and things are looking positive for them as the season approaches.
  4. Yeah, that just means Zeke becomes more of a stable pick since he will have some antibody immunity (at the very least in the short term). With the minimum 1 week quarantines for positive tests, I might draft more clear RB cuffs than normal this season.
  5. I agree with that, but I still like him in round 3 or 4 of a 12 teamer taking into account his upside vs injury risk. I just want him healthy for 12-14 weeks and hope some those include the fantasy playoffs. It's not like you get a 0 if he is injured. You get to plug in some other fantasy player who will accrue some points (unless he gets injured on the first drive of the game...then that's just unlucky).
  6. I'm not assuming anything necessarily (Bell's agent had no plan to have Bell hold out the entire year even though it was widely reported that he could do so due to specific franchise tag rules, so sometimes agents aren't well informed). I just think Cook would be making a big mistake if he doesn't report to training camp. He would lose the possibility of becoming an UFA. As a RFA, the Vikings could put a 1st or 2nd round tender on him in 2021, meaning that if another team reached terms with Cook and the Vikings didn't want to match the offer, the Vikings would either get a 1st or 2nd round draft pick as compensation. If no team is willing to pay that cost (of new contract and high draft pick), then the Vikings would get to keep him for another year at around $5 million or $3 million depending on whether he was tendered as a 1st or 2nd. Those numbers are a fraction of the cost of a franchise tag. So they would retain him at a bargain price. I don't foresee anyone giving up a 1st or 2nd round pick for someone who held out (possibly up to nine weeks). If he doesn't report by week 10, he's really screwed because he would start the next season under contract with the Vikings without accruing an additional year of eligibility. At least this is all my understanding of the situation after a little research. That all being said, I think the Vikings like him and they will find some middle ground that is much closer to the Vikings initial reported offer of $10 million a year than what Cook wants.
  7. Yeah, that's big. He's basically in Gordon's situation from last year with the added wrinkle that even if he reports somewhere between "after training camp" and "before week 10", he becomes a restricted FA next year (not good for him). If he doesn't show up by week 10 he doesn't accrue a year and he is back to square one next season. So most likely a deal will get done, but for less than Cook is seeking. He has no leverage, but we shall see. Gordon listened to some pretty stupid advisers last season.
  8. I don't think there is a scenario where Cook sits out the whole year. He is in more of a Melvin Gordon situation and not a Leveon Bell situation. He doesn't have the leverage (injury history with very strong backup RB and contract issues). Melvin Gordon had to report eventually. So will Cook. He may not be the starter at that point, but he will have to report.
  9. My concern is that he will be this year’s Gordon. Where he overvalues himself. It’s not like Mattison is a slouch. I hope he caves and reports.
  10. He is short but not that small (207 lbs). He’s built like Ray Rice, but doesn’t have the top end speed that Rice has. But he has everything else (pass protection still to be determined) and he’s in a great situation. Ray Rice was durable. With CEH’s thick lower half I wouldn’t be surprised if he also ends up being durable.
  11. I see you guys talking about his great receiving abilities, but I think you’re only thinking about the years when he was targeted a ridiculous number of times and was the best fantasy RB in the league. His drop rate last year was the highest in the NFL (by far) at around 15%. Even in his productive years he had a very high drop rate. He’s not a good receiver. Pre-injury he was good after the catch (if he caught it), but he is not a good receiver. He was also helped by the scheme during his most productive years. He was consistently put in great spots in the open field, but he’s not good at catching the ball.
  12. I like the price of Conner right now. Sure, he has a high risk of injury, but he also has proven he can be a top 5 fantasy back with a healthy Ben. I obviously wouldn't count on that kind of production, but he has shown the ability. Everything points to him getting a chance to be primary ball carrier to start the season. It will be interesting to see how long he can hold off injury. Maybe he learned how to fall and to be more aware when a run is over. To have legit potential to be an RB1 both he and Ben will need to stay healthy. We shall see.
  13. One big thing going for him is that he should have a long leash and get plenty of touches since O'Brien will look like even more of a fool for trading away D-Hop if DJ blows. I'm not sold on the player, but I really love the situation. For his current price I like his value, but I suspect his ADP will move up a bit as we get closer to the start of the season.
  14. I consider Hyde more of a poor-man's Chris Carson. I see Hyde more as Penny insurance. As long as Carson is healthy, he will continue to get his 20 touches a game. His only issue is fumbling, which is partly due to his physical style but hopefully will be improved. We knew Seattle was going to sign someone. I hope more people think Hyde's signing will be bad for Carson. Maybe he will drop to me.
  15. I'm biased (being a fan of the team), but I really like what they did via free agent acquisitions (solidifying defense, adding depth at RB) and through the draft (QB, ton of OL picks, and some DL help as well). And they still have 2 1st's and 2 2nd's in next year's draft. I can see an 8-8 or 9-7 finish this season with additional improvement over the next two seasons. In looking at their schedule, I'm surprised their 10th and 11th game of the season are both against the Jets. Back to back against the same team is unusual.