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  1. EVERY EFFING TIME he has a chance to start, for some effing reason he gets injured. so pissed
  2. why? I'm happy with that line. Could be better but not disaster as u make it sound. he just got back, wait till after as break
  3. I swear this is not the first time this **** happens
  4. lol why? Isaac wasn't even taking that many shots
  5. I feel the exact opposite. I imagine(hope) things went like this: Isaac woke up feeling much better and there was no need for an MRI. The end
  6. FG% aside, this is a great line. Hopefully he will get the FG up
  7. I can't think of another player in 12 team leagues, let alone 14 that plays 30+ mins and can produce like huerter. If you do find then point them out
  8. RHJ is the only one worth the add and maybe boucher with Gasol out but RHJ first priority I would think based on the history
  9. if you are in a 10+ team then 100% worth #1 waiver. Guy is gonna ball for sure in the next 2-3 weeks and the slow start might be over even with conley coming back