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  1. Anybody dropping for Kurucs? on another note, does Carroll’s injury affect Levert’s role at all?
  2. He's already ruled out tmrw, but for what it's worth, he is traveling with the team.
  3. He said he feels fine, but doesn't know when he will be back. I'm holding until early next week (first week of playoffs) but will drop if there is still no update by then for a streamer spot
  4. Questionable for monday with right ankle soreness
  5. Latest roto update has him returning after ASB
  6. Why do you say he is injury prone? He's played in at least 72 games past 3 seasons . I just dropped Favors to pick him up. A little less blocks and rebounds, but better stocks and a sprinkle of ASTs is perfect as the last player in a standard h2h
  7. Is he worth a 4th waiver in a standard H2h 9cat 12 team league?
  8. Loving the stocks. He may not be as poised as SGA, but I like how active he is on the floor. I'd say he's a hold in 12 team+ to see how it plays out. If you play in competitive leagues, gems are hard to come by and if he doesn't pan out, you can always drop for the next one
  9. Anybody else planning to hold in 12 team with no IL spot?I feel like Cs with his efficiency and upside can’t be found easily on the wire, but I’m already holding Harris and Love is taking up IL so it will be tough
  10. any chance he gets traded to another team that would better utilize him? i don't understand why the coach is not using him
  11. Dunno if this was already posted here, but a redditor on /r/fantasybball ran the stats before the season started, predicting who would be the best rookie defenders. Numbers show Melton is the best defensive guard in the 2018 draft class. If PHX doesn't bring in a PG (most likely they will), Melton should be given a chance to see how he fits alongside Booker.
  12. Collins is the best player in the trade by and it's not even close, run!
  13. There's not much on the wire. Maybe Tyreke with hopes that he improves.
  14. I’d keep Crowder and Bam and drop Mcgruder or Jerami grant
  15. Kanter is a safer bet to produce cause we dunno what kind of restrictions cousins will have yet
  16. Ingram should be back sooner than Payton so I’d make the move
  17. Nance for immediate production. His ROS is iffy when Love and TT return but, he’s still the best bet for ROS. Then Mitch Rob if he ever gets unleashed. Don’t trust vonleh. Noel and Holmes will breakout if the adams and ayton ever go down but don’t bet on it
  18. I agree with the above post. Depends on team needs. Allen provides rebounds, blks and FG% whereas Lopez provided 3s blks and FT%
  19. Depends on your team needs but I’d drop Vonleh or Jabari. Thanks for your help
  20. I like both, but prefer J rich for his defensive stats. Their FG% are both terrible. If you’re trading for Jamal, you’re betting that he will live up to his ADP post-ASB. I’m not sure that will be possible this season with a healthy Nuggets roster because there are too many mouths to feed. If you want to risk it and buy low, go for it
  21. I’m holding harris as well. He’s the best player that will come back the earliest and be ready for fantasy playoffs
  22. Can’t get any fairer than that