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  1. Another owner also wants to trade me Bledsoe for Dragic and Lou Will. What do you guys think about this trade?
  2. Also forgot to add that it's a standard H2H 9-cat Yahoo daily league and that I'm punting FG%, TO and blks
  3. Definitely will take it too. Mitchelle and Kuzma are beasting and will only get better as the season progresses. Lavine is also gonna be top dog of his team, but he might not be producing serviceable numbers until post ASB.
  4. McCollum has been disappointing so far but he's pretty consistent. The owner also wants Lou Will and Dragic for CJ. Should I take any of those offers?
  5. Droppable for Biyomob in a 12 teamer? Who has the better ROS outlook? Dedmon could possibly be played less due to focus on Collins' development, whereas when Vucevic comes back post-ASB, Biyombo will be fodder again.
  6. James Harden is probable for Monday's game vs. the Pelicans with a bruised left calf. Source: Jonathan Feigen on Twitter Dec 11 - 11:15 AM Hope it's nothing serious..
  7. True, Curry might take away some of the already few shots he's taking, but I think Wes exclusively plays at the 3 these days when the Mavs go with a 2 guard line up. His minutes should still hover around 28-33, since he is also their best wing defender.
  8. Might explain the more shot attempts. He can get hot quick, but Wes is def not the same player he was in Portland. I don't watch Mavs games so I wonder if it has anything to do with being on a tanking team or if he's just getting old? I went with Buddy too because although they rank similar, he's younger and has more upside playing for a team that needs a number one scoring option.
  9. He was a multi cat beast few seasons ago. Picked him up as a flier. If Reke is out next game then we could potentially see parsons step up because Memphis wouldn't have another offensive option to help gasol. But like with injury prone players, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.
  10. Hes 37, a 2-time NBA champion, among the plethora of other accolades he's decorated with. He has nothing more to prove so why would he want to play big minutes if he doesn't need to? For fantasy purposes, it would be awesome to have him average a dub dub again but he's not a spring chicken anymore. I'd rather see him play limited minutes to preserve his body during the long season and play big minutes when he needs to, so he can actually play games and won't need need a DNP-REST because the only thing worse than a player who isn't producing is a player who can't play due to injuries.
  11. Personally, I like the limited minutes as this will allow him to play more games, barring a DNP-OLD, plus it helps his already great efficiency.
  12. Couldn't find a topic on him but he's starting to heat up! I think the Cavs are finally starting to realize they're better with his shooting. Worth a pick up or only until Rose is back?
  13. Dropped for Len. Honestly thought Okafor was going to drop a statement game in his first game after the break to prove he was worth keeping but hes not worth rostering even with Embiid out
  14. I think being optimistic should be a given. This team has been losing for the past several years and it finally looks like there's hope for this team this season. They need to hype up Simmons, sell more tickets, and bring in more fans. But, as we all know, optimism doesn't always translate well in fantasy. Just gotta hope he comes back quick
  15. How long do you guys think he will be on a minutes restriction when he returns? Weeks? A month? I know his foot injury wasn't as serious as KD's, but these are the Sixers we're talking about.. If he really is due back in January, I'm sure they're going to want to see him play with their other prized bigs to see how he meshes with each player before the trade deadline in February.
  16. How does bbm determine his projected return date without a concrete source??
  17. He's a hold in 14+ team leagues. It's not easy to find 3 and D players who play 30+min/night. 12 teams is arguable but there should be decent options to replace him like Pat Bev who provide similar stats.
  18. How deep is your league? There's a lot of good pickups right now so I'll be keeping him on the watch list for now. Don't think he's on the radar yet
  19. Double double with 3 threes tonight. Starting SG moving forward. Potential gem or fool's gold?