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  1. How ironic that this guy has a Hulu commercial where he has some other guy's body.
  2. Walker went to the locker room during the second quarter of Tuesday's game against the Pacers with what appears to be a left hand injury, Jared Weiss of The Athletic reports. Spin: Walker suffered the injury while fighting under a screen. He should be considered questionable to return.
  3. Let's not forget he has a B2B this coming week as well, and likely sits a game. My finger is definitely hovering over the drop button. I can do better with a 10 team streamer.
  4. We have an 820 games played limit in my Roto league. Two owners didn't seem to grasp this concept, and eclipsed the limit within the past week. Surprise surprise, ESPN is still allowing them to accrue stats in the standings, despite showing "MAX" for every roster position. I emailed support, so we shall see, but this will be quite the s#*tshow to sort out if they don't remedy it.
  5. Finally finds his rhythm, gets rested/babied, loses rhythm. At least come playoff time he will be able to shoot 30% in perfect health.
  6. Elfrid Payton was perfectly fine last game, gets over a week off, and now he's ruled out well before tipoff with ankle soreness. I thought all this rest was supposed to keep these guys healthy?
  7. Honor Kobe, and the Mamba Mentality, and display some mental fortitude when things aren't going as you wish they would.
  8. The Mamba would not have wanted it that way IMO.
  9. Does this guy look at the lineup sheet, see PF next to his name, and think his only job is to rack up Personal Fouls?
  10. Almost as encouraging as his probable status on Wednesday.
  11. Talk about load of s--- management. He really sat with a TIGHT hip flexor...Ironic because sitting makes the hip flexors tight. Don't these guys have trainers and therapists, and every other practitioner under the sun, at their disposal? I'll be happy to show this guy how to use a foam roller via Skype if need be.
  12. A well deserved L. I hope they lose every game he sits.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. I had Rubio when he had a severe sprain and he missed a large chunk of the season.
  14. I will join this group as well. Seeing Trae's line yesterday put a dark cloud above my fantasy season. Trae was always going to be "the guy" on his team, where as Kemba did not have that guarantee. Kemba's shooting was one thing, but the complete lack of of other counting stats was awful. Trae will undoubtedly shoot that bad some games, but you'll still get 10 dimes out of him.