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  1. So glad Yahoo didn't lock early game line ups lol
  2. Holy ****, Yahoo didn't roster lock as of this post. Can still activate from IR. Must have forgotten about the 11am games!!!
  3. God dam, my players are locked too, so annoying lol.
  4. I think he sits today. I read that he has been doing 3 on 3, so if that is any indication, will probably be back towards the end of the week?
  5. I think he might be a bit too raw. He doesn't do enough with stocks to buffer his value.
  6. He is the true winner of the blake griffin/injuries haha
  7. Its insane how he went from "wow if he didn't get injured before that ankle injury, he would have been an all star " to.. "is he even aiming when he shoots"?
  8. Anyone keeping Dieng to see nothing wrong happens this game lol
  9. Did anyone check if he was shooting free throws blindfolded?
  10. He doesn't get stocks or blocks. his FTs are really bad and has high TOs. his FG is also very poor too.. I drafted him hoping that he would improve because during his first stretch of last year, he was very viable. ~top 60. I'm probably wrong with the comparison but I think donovan mitchell might be his ceiling.. good points, 3s, some counting stats here and there, but ~1.1ish steals.
  11. For those that own Dieng, would you guys hold on to him for a couple of games before dropping? I always get nervous because when players come back from injury, the first couple of games or so tend to have a higher chance of reaggrevation
  12. I still have him, hes been a great glue type guy. Lines like these are awesome. Hoping he continues to improve
  13. He didn't get 1+ steals even in G league, do you guys think he will provide good stocks? 0.5 blocks in G league seems nice. https://gleague.nba.com/player/sekou-doumbouya/
  14. He's been doing very well coming off the bench. Do you guys think he can last? I feel like he is another Dillon Brooks type of player lol. I guess .43% FG to Dillons .40% but very similar.
  15. Now that he's back.. time to punt FG FT and TOs LUL. Hoping he has a strong second half of season.