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  1. I can’t even sell him at his value. I’ll have to sell him on the low so now I’m forced to hold. It’s ridiculous. I need 1 more good game to string 3 together so I have an argument on moving him
  2. What’s up with Bradley Beal man? 2 points mid 2nd quarter how is that possible. And the last 2 games scaling him back to 27 mins. It’s just ridiculous at this point i wish he just forced himself out of Washington so he can play his game. The ROS outlook is bleak with DNPs and bs rest days with scaled back mins. He has to be the biggest bust of the year
  3. Sounds like day to day but I’m just speculating
  4. I would love to answer this but unfortunately, Please keep these questions in the AC chat ☺️
  5. Anyone expecting a usage boost with collins out????
  6. I like bowman a lot but as everyone said he’s fully dependent on DLOs health. As of right now there’s isn’t a timetable for DLo’s “sprained ankle”
  7. I had to move him as well best thing to do is couple him with another player and upgrade it. He’s like a kicker now for guys who think he has a shot at coming back and playing in playoffs. I flipped bled and curry for love
  8. Agreed my league is the same that whole “waiver wire guy” is a huge loss of value even if he’s killing it
  9. I scooped him he’s a spec add for me last game With 36 mins I think that was fortunate because whiteside was out. I thought he would be the direct winner for the collins injury but it looks like stotts wants to run a committee at the 4 spot with Tolliver next to whiteside. As of right now for this week both whiteside and hood are probable with collins shoulder surgery probably going to keep him out for an extended time. I’m very curious what Mario’s mins will be i think he needs 30 to be relevant