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  1. Fuller has great career stats vs Titans, at least 1 Td in all but one game, and that was a game without Watson
  2. Has 1 or more td in every game he's played vs titans except one meaningless week 17 game without Watson
  3. He's faced San Fran twice in his career during regular season, one game he was out injured, the other he went 10-137
  4. Haskins is hurt, do us all a favor and shut him down [...]
  5. Julio Jones injured? Or just being Julio?
  6. What does Washington do? Run the ball and control the clock. What is Green Bays biggest weakness? Stopping the run. I've got a bad feeling about playing Jones today, not only is he alternating drives with William's, but Jones has been going to the sideline during his series alot, while William's never takes himself out. Add that to the fact that the skins will shorten the game by pounding green Bays terrible run D and what do we get? 10 touches for 30 yards. I think I'm better off playing benny Snell who will get close to 20 touches vs the cards s---y D
  7. Haha, my bad, totally missed what you were saying, my brain just got "rams on the road"
  8. Better pass blocker Better pass catcher Better running the ball. Hey that's take him out in passing situations
  9. Pittsburgh knows they have the far better D so I see them limiting Rudolph to prevent turnovers and pounding Snell
  10. Everything leans towards him producing, but then you remember Adam Gase is still the head coach.
  11. I'm with you, Pittsburgh's only chance to win is handing the ball off and throwing quick dump offs, not much for Cincy to game plan for. Last time they played I believe Cincy played 4 DTs on the line and stuffed the run but they couldn't pressure and gave up passes to Conner and sanuel