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  1. I'm tied for first right now with this roster below. I have Saquon on a bye and Ty hurt. Do I use the number 1 waiver on Hill which may only be a start for a week or two? QB: Russ (Bye week), Matt Ryan RB: Saquon (Bye week), Melvin Gordon, Todd Gurley, Austin Ekeler, SIngletary WR: Evans, Golladay, Hilton (Hurt), Pascal TE: Henry, Waller
  2. Between these two, I like Ekeler as well. Thanks for helping with mine.
  3. Battle for first place. 10 team PPR. I have to pick two between: Melvin Gordon, Austin Ekeler, Hunter Henry
  4. I'm sitting at 6-1 in a 10 team full PPR. I was just offered my Ekeler and Hunter Henry for Michael Thomas and Josh Jacobs. Here is my squad. I make this deal right? QB: Wilson RB: Saquon, Gurley, Ekeler, Gordon, Singletary WR: Evans, Hilton, Golladay TE: Waller, Henry
  5. Maybe they give him most of the carries and use Ekeler as a WR out of the backfield? Chances they are on the field at the same time?
  6. So how do you think they distribute touches amongst the two in his first week back? @SenatorSpaceman
  7. Freeman is probably safer in terms of touches, so roll with him. Thanks for helping with mine.
  8. Ty Hilton vs KC Melvin Gordon vs Den Austin Ekeler vs Den
  9. I agree with Rush. Thanks for mine