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  1. anyone getting "Request Denied" on Yahoo? i was adding a player but then that happened... edit: seems fine now.
  2. Mavs play on those non-filled days. 🤞this week.
  3. Coz he named his team after the team... and put the logo on his logo... *check his profile for this purpose* What do i find? A picture of a leaf... and not just any leaf. The sweetest leaf of them all! Weed I mean Maple. Also Gasol is one of the 5 he has.
  4. Don’t have to go too far. He’s practically teammates with him. i was about to regret dumping Dieng too early... guess not.
  5. I’m against having sets of teammates on my team unless handcuff type to maximize distribution of games... but one I’m battling now has the starting 5 of TOR and you can see how that went... makes you question your beliefs. Also, my teams are like Hydra! One gets healed, another gets injured...
  6. Ok i did not plan out a punt FT team for this guy. Have mercy on the textile industry! How many jerseys will you be planning to rip off...
  7. When you flash-sale your team because the build wasn’t working... and they produce what you needed before... for the other team... against you.
  8. My guard-laden, non-punt team shooting 65% FT today and giving a drummond team a chance to catch up... just up .003!
  9. Oh boy(lan). Just cant (g)afford these kinds of flops. But he's a "young" guy so it's a t(h)ad understandable. Seriously though, having 4 straight 4-game weeks with the guy cock-blocking him out of the picture for all those... Get it together!!!
  10. Hahaha sucks. Added him a minute before that tweet. From a genius to a fool, how I have fallen.
  11. Statpadding the right way. Too bad he didnt get to 40. Add to his record.