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  1. So... 30 days. That’s 4 weeks and basically the end of all league settings right? Or maybe Week 26 if yours go that far but who will be matching up there? Will, say Yahoo, apply tie-breaker scenario until that particular point? Also, anyone keeping their waiver claim or cancel it and hope no one makes a move then just get the player after to preserve the high priority? Just a thought. πŸ€ͺ
  2. ooooh sucks. those 2 missed FT. could have made it more exciting. hurts in fantasy and reality...
  3. i just got my last and struggling team into playoff contention (8th) and then important players (one of them about to or maybe) fall. 3 weeks to go and all contenders next.
  4. well this rant just extended to this week... 5/9 and 0/3 wth.
  5. Harden and Lavine must have a different interpretation of FT%... coz clearly their saying **** THAT %...
  6. Did he intentionally miss the last FT??? Coz i need every single one of it! Also, it would have been nice to see it perfect at that volume of attempts... Still... what a first game back from break!
  7. i got both... i'm hoping you're right and just one of you is wrong. better yet be both right...
  8. the PisTHONs may have found their money MAKER...
  9. Value dead? Omari and a more blackhole DLo got added...
  10. I guess there is a drawback to being too fast.
  11. i've sent out the order a couple of weeks ago... Internet Explorer has failed you.
  12. Dedmon wears 13. Harden wears 13. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€