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  1. I look at the crux of this team as being open to the option to punt saves in the early-going. You have two very marginal closers in Davis and Harvey (and I think Givens is the closer in BAL) so it seems highly unlikely that both will churn out saves for you. However, if even one of them manages to keep the job-lets say for the sake of argument Davis manages to nail down his first few saves. Now, all of a sudden, Kela fails and Kyle Crick is saving games in PIT. Or Rafael Montero, or Kevin Ginkel...are any of these guys available on waivers? I would survey the landscape and be real about who could be a potential closer. I expect high turnover at the position with every team in contention in a shortened season. I might hold these relievers (I do like Stanek over Harvey); I don't see any of the SPs as major upgrades over who you have; but I would expect a few of your guys to stumble out of the gate and be cut, for example Richards and McCullers won't have much trust with any fantasy owners if they start slow. So I think you strategy was to hope for a WW closer to emerge, and in that sense I'd stay the course. You can always trade for one too. But if you are going to come up short every week may as well punt it now. It's a soul-searching question. So the names that stand out to me are Gore and Carlson. I'd view Cespedes as the immediate cut if you want to grab Carlson and stash him for now. I'm assuming you have Starling Marte in the OF not Ketel. I'd consider dumping Myers for Chavis too. Hope this helps.
  2. I would be absolutely fine doing this straight up but losing Beiber for Greinke makes it a no for me. Sidebar-despite the fact that some think Vlad's price seems a little high this year, he is one of a handful of players (Alvarez, Keston Hiura also come to mind) who can legitimately move into 2nd round conversation next year. If the shortened season means any of these guys have a lackluster offensive season and they stay at their current price points, I would be all-in to draft Vlad, Bichette, etc. in the 4th/5th round next year.
  3. So you lost Sanchez and Story in place of Muncy and Sean Murphy essentially, a definite downgrade, but by adding Scherzer and Corbin to headline a staff that previously had Brandon Woodruff as its top dog, I'd say you made the necessary moves to make you team better overall. I'm not going too deeply into the keeper results without knowing more about league specifics, but in general it seems fine as long as you can keep Scherzer and he performs at a high level well into next year.
  4. Back to the original post....I'm going to attempt to help without context. If you're asking about Knebel's general value in Yahoo formats, I'd consider him a great under the radar value as a set-up/handcuff. While other more obvious guys like Britton or Treinen will be universally owned, they won't sniff saves behind their established closers unless there is an injury. Meanwhile, Knebel could easily supplant Hader, as the Brewers preferred him as a Swiss army knife. I think he will wind up with more saves at the end of the season than any other reliever not currently being drafted as a closer. Jordan Hicks and Nick Burdi are also there, so the NL central has some good handcuff targets. Hope this helps.
  5. No offense either but I also took this stance about 4 weeks ago...after you asked for advice on every single pick in the draft, now you want to trade every player on your team, I just don't get it.
  6. Pass; it's not a good trade in a re-draft, and a bad move in a dynasty to give up two young players with real upside.
  7. We need to extend the protective netting outside of the ballparks evidently.
  8. As far as Pineda goes, I agree you can cut him first, mostly due to the suspension. If we get 81 games he's going to miss almost half of that, making him very difficult to roster. Don't even think about cutting Frazier or Santander, these guys are sneaky volume plays in a 20-team league. You've also got great OBP hitters to balance out their lower OBP totals. The second player should be one of the minor leaguers, but I think you are on the right track trying to package two for one somewhere. Bleday is the obvious candidate. I think it's a very fair offer for Urias, especially considering his platoon status in Milwaukee. I'll take his upside, it depends on how much his owner looks past his major league numbers.
  9. Hold Moneyballer and move some MT for more hitting 😄
  10. There's no consensus on his rating and he is quite polarizing. Counter me among those who were convinced after his AAA struggles he's gonna stutter for awhile at the big league level, especially if he gets rushed into it. When I look at him next to Kris Bryant specifically he doesn't rate near as high to me. In a long term dynasty format he does have more value of course due to his age, and perhaps I'm putting too much stock in those small sample AAA numbers, but I'm lower on him than others. As you said, we may not have seen Bryant's ceiling, and his floor is incredibly high.
  11. Well done, you fleeced this other owner. Adell is a meh prospect and Bryant is a stud still in his prime. I kind of prefer Howard to Manning anyway (certainly for 2020) so I think you made out like a thief in the night. Also how the hell did someone drop Howard for Ottavino???
  12. Yeah, this is what you were looking to do when you picked up Narvaez, right? Plus if you make that deal to add Muncy and Marte you'll more than offset any loss of offense from Willson to Omar (the caveat being that you can get Marte in the lineup everyday in Meadow's place; since you listed LF, CF and RF, you have to be able to put Omar, Muncy, Voit and Marte in there every day to replace Gurriel, Meadows, Abreu and Contreras). Looking at those spots as a whole that's a nice upgrade with more keeper potential, and even if it breaks even offensively, you've also improved your rotation. You're adding a great number 2 behind Scherzer. Darvish is prime for a monster year, and is a dark horse NL cy candidate. If you prefer Corbin instead, he's in the same class, but I think Yu is gonna be great. You might wind up having a hard debate on keeping him or Voit, as I think each are going to perform well this year.
  13. Castro for Kintzler, I'll take his steady production over Solak's upside since he's got a guaranteed role and is a bench bat for you. Kintzler might hold the job, but Stanek and Boxberger loom, whereas Oberg will most likely keep it in the likelihood he ascends to the role following a Wade Davis collapse.
  14. Have to keep Karinchak...but I'll take Ottavino over Harvey. C'mon, Yanks reliever over Orioles reliever any day.
  15. Sure he could get a different SP but how much better? Robles is sandwiched between Maeda and Urias at his ADP; I bet more than 50% of the time the offer for Robles straight up gets rejected outright by either owner. Other pitchers in the same area are Marquez, Heaney, Odorizzi. Prefer Sean Manaea? OK, fewer strikeouts. I'd take a chance on McCullers over the other guys. I also think the volatility at closer is likely to return and Robles is a prime candidate to lose his job at some point, so why not get an early return on him?