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  1. Tough one. I mean, taking Lamar Jackson in part won me that league, but I got him late on. I didn't really get caught up by hype at all. I suppose there's an argument that the top WRs were overhyped (Juju, OBJ etc) which meant that my waiting for Godwin and Golladay paid off. I've been burned by new RB hype before (David Johnson's first season, anyone?) so really wasn't getting sucked in this year. You could argue that I was taken in by Kerryon Johnson in hindsight, although again, that meant I could get a real bargain in Leonard Fournette.
  2. Wow. 14th out of 14 as the highest scoring player? I'd love to see that league table.
  3. Went at 46 in my snake. We drafted the night before the kickoff and I have a vague memory that rumors were down on Carson at the time. Might have been why. Agree about the Bears - even the D was lackluster this year. Agree with your auction stuff, although unfortunately our league rosters aren't quite big enough to handle three TEs. CMc went for $90 already this year in ours. Only guy who went for more was Saquon ($106), which will probably be where he goes (this is a 16-teamer).
  4. I don't know it all. Please tell me what works. Will accept a PM.
  5. Oh and also this. Draft strategies are all well and good, but ultimately it all boils down to "did you draft players who were good?" 0-RB this year turned out to be a nightmare for most, but you could have gone 0-RB in the first three rounds and ended up with Michael Thomas, Kelce, Amari Cooper, and then picked up Ingram, Carson and/or Ekeler. You could have gone all RBs in the first three and drafted David Johnson, Le'Veon Bell, and Kerryon Johnson.
  6. Longest-running and most competitive league but for fun - auction draft - 3rd of 16. 2nd in regular season. Money league - snake draft - 1st of 10. Actually 1st of 20, with two separate leagues of 10 and the big prize is for the top scorer in the final. What did I learn? Do at least two leagues. Do at least one auction and one snake draft. You can only do so much - luck plays a huge part, so try not to stress out when bad things happen. Do as many mock drafts on your platform as you can. The main reason to handcuff is for your own peace of mind - it's not actually going to pay off, but peace of mind might be worth it anyway. Pay what it takes to get a top tight end. Try to ditch kickers in your league. Draft BPA in a snake. Try to avoid tracking live scores (I mean, I knew this already, but hopefully the message has finally sunk in). Far too many people say WHIR when they have no intention of following through... What will I do differently? Not much tbh 😀. Try not to get sucked in in auction drafts - stick to my plan. Try to avoid tracking live scores (was better at this than I ever have been, to be fair). I won't draft Baker Mayfield or Kerryon Johnson.
  7. In my Championship league - 1. Not having to worry about QB or TE at all (thanks Lamar and Kelce). 2. Watching the Pats D score 37pts with the guy I was playing against, on the way to an all-time record weekly points total. 3. Walking round Cleveland Museum of Art on Sunday with the kids and grandparents, trying not to check the scores and failing, while Saquon, Lamar and Andrews went ballistic. 4. My wife finally seeing the value of Fantasy Football (when she realized how much I had won). In my other league (lost semi-final but finished 3rd of 16) - 1. Winning seven games in a row to clinch a bye, despite my team not being all that. It never mattered how much they scored, they just kept winning. It was ace! Overall - I will try to remember just how much of a part luck played, and try not to get too bummed out when it goes away next year.
  8. Key successes - late(ish) rounds got me the #1 QB, the #2 and #5 WRs, and the #1 DEF. I had the #1 and #2 TEs. Made do at RB thanks to Fournette playing every game and trading away Kamara for Barkley basically won me the league in the end.
  9. Won with this team - 0.5PPR. Scored 1740 regular season but finished third, #1 scored 1617, #2 scored 1542, next highest was 1463. Lost the first then won seven in a row and looked like obliterating everyone, then the wheels came off a bit. Scraped through the quarterfinals then actually did obliterate everyone - had the only two scores above 150pts in the entire playoffs in my semi and final: QB - Lamar RB1 - Kamara, then traded for Saquon mid-season. RB2 - Fournette WR1 - Godwin WR2 - Golladay FLEX - Kerryon Johnson, then DJ Chark (roughly) FLEX - John Brown DEF - Patriots (with a little help from (IIRC) the Saints) BENCH - Mark Andrews (Bye week cover and occasional FLEX) BENCH - assorted non-entities I barely used - Jamaal Williams, Ronald Jones, Royce Freeman, Alexander Mattison, BENCH - trade bait - Hunter Henry, Latavius Murray LATE SEASON INJURY COVER - Raheem Mostert, Anthony Miller (for week 16 - yay).
  10. In the league I won, it was 7 out of 16 drafted - Lamar, Fournette, Kerryon (IR spot), Godwin (replaced Kerryon on IR for last game), Golladay, John Brown, Kelce. Traded away Kamara, the rest got injured or ditched. In the league I finished third in (out of 16, lost the semi, won the consolation) it was 7 out of 14 drafted - Dalvin Cook, James White, Robert Woods, Jarvis Landry, Emmanuel Sanders, Zach Ertz, Justin Tucker. That was pretty good going in a league with just four bench spots and penalties for not fielding a team due to byes. Had to drop a couple of guys because of that, but also got two or three injuries. No trades, weirdly.
  11. You're mistaken. It was his second. His first good game vs a **** bag top 3 picking club won me the semi-final.
  12. ...and then won me the final. Although actually it wouldn't have mattered because Kamara was great too, but it certainly meant I could relax early.
  13. We have two divisions with a prize for winning your divisional final and an even bigger prize for getting the top score out of the four finalists. I was the only player with Lamar Jackson, the only one with Saquon...and after much to-ing and fro-ing decided to start Mark Andrews at FLEX. Boom. You could name any one of the three as the league winner, particularly given what happened in the quarter- and semi-finals. Already won the lot, and still have Kelce and Miller as the icing on the cake.
  14. I refer you to my previous comments. Essentially won me the league in the end.
  15. Nice one! I don't need a thing and I have Kelce and Miller. Going to crack open a beer and enjoy this. Congratulations to everyone who won today!