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  1. Yeah, mulling a trade offer, like probably a heck of a lot of other people. Just can't find any information.
  2. If I could just get a simple 75yd run for a TD from Kyler now please. Not asking for the moon.
  3. Yeah, I mean I totally get that. I had hoped that he would see more volume this year, particularly as they didn't really do anything exciting at WR. But hope is all it was - he's kinda doing this year what he did last year, and in a childish way I owe him something because he helped win me my championship at FLEX. This really is what he his I guess, just like a super-charged version of a normal TE. Kelce and Kittle have volume and redzone, and Waller has volume.
  4. Yeah, and don't pick anybody up on the wire. The guy is being an absolute child. What is wrong with people? Hang on, is he a child?
  5. Thanks for the help! Interesting that two people have very easy choices that are different. For me, you just can't trust Perine yet. Mostert is an obvious start, plus I like Gibson to be decent. It's between Drake and David Johnson, and honestly, Drake scares me - despite the solid number of touches. Let's be more specific - Edmonds scares me more than Duke. I think you could probably toss a coin between those two. At least one of them will get a tuddy, but there's absolutely no way of telling who. I think I might give David Johnson the very slight edge on catches.
  6. Thanks for the help! Yeah, that's really tough. I do think you have to play Godwin although I'm a bit nervous - he supposedly trained in full so we'll see. Fuller could be due a big week (so cue the wk2 disaster) but he's #2. Then it's an almost impossible choice. I think I'd be tempted to say Woods just because he seems to have such a nice floor, plus I have a sneaking feeling he gets a TD or two.
  7. I mentioned this to somebody earlier today. My bigger league has been paranoid about QB and TE cover because we have short benches. COVID has just made it even worse. We have people with two TEs on a four-man bench.
  8. I'd like to give it a bit more time because of the matchup and that it's the first game back. Does feel like Fant missing out helps him, at least in the red zone.
  9. Thanks for the help! That's a tough one. I think in Standard you have to say Freeman, because unless Drake vanishes off the face of the earth it looks like he's the running man and Edmonds is the catching man. We all think that it might be just a matter of time before Edmonds "takes over", but if anything we might just see those roles reversed, and the Cards do not seem to be set up to give the RB yards on the ground.
  10. I am, but if they were particularly concerned about him then I'd expect him to sit. It's a 1:00 game, which helps.
  11. Thanks for the help. Man, that's a tough one. Like the others have said, a lot will depend on your RB depth. If you're deep at RB I take the left and look to the playoffs. I worry though. I think Chubb is going to miss a lot of weeks and I like Chark so much better than T.Y., although at least T.Y. got the looks last week. If you need RBs then I take the right. I think Henderson is the best RB in LA right now, and there's still a chance that Drake makes something of this season, although you'd need to leave him on the bench in the meantime unless you need bye week cover.
  12. First things first - can you trade Moss to the Singletary owner (who's probably really nervous right now) or Cooks to the Fuller/Deshaun owner? If you can't then let's look at it. How many players play at each position? Your WRs are clearly better than your RBs, I suppose partly dependent on format. In a vacuum I'd probably say Moss because I'm not a big fan, and the other guys are at least doing well. You could argue the case for keeping him just because your RBs could use a slight upgrade. I think I'd try really hard to trade some combination of all three guys before Sunday, then drop Moss just before the games. Help with mine?
  13. I think I'd sit Hardman. I mean, I get the counter-argument. If Ridley is good then Julio probably isn't, presuming Julio plays at all. It's a straight choice between those two. Help with mine?