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  1. Need a Christmas miracle from Crabtree, 27 pts in .5ppr. I've already accepted defeat. Gurley was just too much to handle.
  2. Glad he proved the doubters wrong. So many embarrassing comments in the last couple of pages.
  3. I'm not saying he had a good game (which wasn't his fault), but that he didn't go "full Thielan". I don't want people to be influenced by a false narrative, that's all.
  4. "Full Thielan"? LIke it's his fault that Keenum didn't get him the ball. He would've have had at least 100 yrds and 1 touchdown if Keenum was more accurate. Get outta here with your fake news bs. As a reference, last year in week 16, he scored 32 in standard and 44 in ppr, so yeah, he can deliver when it matters.
  5. Keenum missed him for a big play downfield, which would've most likely ended up as a touchdown. Oh well.
  6. Some people can't think on their own and have to be spoon-fed answers. Even in the Thielan thread, there are people asking if they should start him or not, like really?
  7. The "nightmare matchup" Bears lost to a Hundley led Packers team last Sunday. I'm rolling Tate out without any hesitation.
  8. It was a good cutback, but the run was more of a product of poor tackling technique than anything else. It was actually a 16 yard run, plus the Steelers were expecting a run up the middle from the PLODDER, but it was actually a run to the outside. Another blown play from the Steelers defense. Correct. Correct. You say this like Henry would've stayed at 4.5 ypc for the entire game if they kept feeding him, but with the way the Steelers defense were finding their way into the backfield, I highly doubt it, especially with Henry being in the game will likely result in a run play, because he has stone hands.
  9. Henry got stuffed in 4 out of his 7 rushing attempts. He just had a few lucky runs that made his line look better than it appears. Maybe the Titans abandoned the run game too quickly, but there were many running attempts where the Steelers defense were getting into the backfield before the RB could get to the LOS, so I can't blame them.
  10. He finished with 2/21/9/1/1/4 with only 1 to. Life as a 5th option really sucks.
  11. He's averaging 10 attempts out there. Even someone like Al Horford is averaging 11, Otto Porter is averaging 11, Milsap is average 13. You're acting like he's only getting 5 attempts on a nightly basis. Quit overreacting.
  12. Lillard was also a monster in preseason during his rookie year and took the momentum into the regular season. I'm more wary about drafting over hyped players early, who were only good for 2 months of the previous season. *cougholadipocough*